Preparing for a Flight

So I am lucky enough to be jetting off to New York for 6 days with Hubby – he is working and I shall mostly be shopping, wandering and taking it all in! We have been to New York before, nearly 4 years ago when we had first got together!

So a trip can only mean one thing – flying. I’m just going to put it out there – I HATE flying. I find the whole experience quite nerve wracking and I find I am anxious a lot of the time – so I like to go through a routine before I fly to help calm me.  I tend to do this the day I am flying, unless its early morning then I do it the night before.

Firstly, I suggest doing some Yoga or light exercise. You get stiff and sore on a plane so take advantage of a good stretch or sweat session while you can! I find this helps relax me and tire me out so I relax a bit more.

I then follow this up by having a nice long bath, for me preferably with some lovely Lush products. This helps me relax a little more and feel fresh for the plane, I always find planes to feel a bit grimey so I like to feel fresh and clean before I get on! I tend to use my Lush ‘Butterball’ bath bomb (see here!) which has shea butter and all things moisturising – perfect for hydrating before a flight!

Finally, I try to be as organised as possible and put all my hand luggage stuff to one side so I don’t worry about forgetting anything later – so here is what I have in my hand luggage this trip!

IMG_0083.JPGQ&A a Day – (See here on amazon!) – this is in there so I can complete it on the plane mostly! It is a great sentence a day diary but it asks you a specific question so really gets you thinking and means it doesn’t repeat itself – brilliant!



IMG_0084Kalms – (visit the Kalms website here) – As I said before I am quite a nervous flyer – and I am sure many people would say these are total placebo affect but I find they help. I  use these alongside an app called FearofFlying – which is a type of mediation app which I am going to give a try for the first time-  I’ll report back!


IMG_0085Anker personal charger – (See here on Amazon) – this is great for travel, it can charge your phone or tablet at least twice over all you need to do is charge it at home first and bring the cables along – its also great for if you use your phone for maps when you are away and your phone battery runs low!


IMG_0086Notepad and Pencil – now first this notepad was free with an Ideal home magazine – but it’s the perfect time handbag size for noting down ideas and that’s what I’ll be using it for – potential blog posts and Christmas shopping present ideas!! Oh – and I love mechanical pencils – you can wipe away mistakes – I hate messy notes!!!


IMG_0087Tangle Teezer – (See here on amazon) – pretty obvious what it’s for but if you aren’t already on the tangle teezer train – get on it! I swear no matter how  knotted my hair is this sorts it out and doesn’t make my hair static – such a winner!




IMG_0088Headphones – Over ear and inner ear – Yes I realise two types of headphones seems excessive – but I find the noise cancelling over the head version is perfect for the movies on the plane and the inner ear are ideal for walking around exploring and working out.



IMG_0089Mini Purse – (See on the accessorize website here) – I bought this the other day specifically for my trip – my usual purse collects all kinds of rubbish so having a really small compact one I think is great for trips, especially since I’ve got a tiny over the shoulder bag for during the day!



IMG_0090Mini Umbrella – (See on the accessorize website here) – Again this was bought specifically for my tiny handbag for wandering around, it’s a really cute print and perfect for those NY rainshowers!




IMG_0091Clear makeup bags & Products – I am not going to go through all the products inside but these clear bags are perfect and are from Superdrug for about £3 each – far easier than transferring your stuff at the airport and things going everywhere! I have two – one which is my makeup for going away (I will share my makeup bag in another blog post at some stage!) and the second hold all of my skincare, including some fabric facemasks for the plane – have never used one before but I have seen a lot of other blogs and youtubers say they swear by them – so we will see!

IMG_0092Top 10 New York City Book – (See here on amazon) Me and Hubby LOVE the Top 10 travel guides – they are really simple and small to carry around and come with a map, subway map and pull out individual map too – all for around £10 which is brilliant! We have a collection of these from everywhere we have been and they have never let us down!


IMG_0093Amazon Kindle Fire HD7 – (See here on amazon) – I recently upgraded my Kindle touch with this and I LOVE IT. Its like having a kindle and a tablet mixed so I don’t have to take both away – what I will say is the battery life isn’t nearly as long as other kindles because of the lit screen and it isn’t as good in sunlight – but for city breaks its ideal!


IMG_0094Mini Bag – (From New Look – view here!) So this is my everyday bag for when I’m away – I keep all my essentials in there like phone and keys and mini purse etc and the rest will be in my rucksack (suede from Topshop!) – but when it comes to check in this will fit within my other bag! Perfect!

Obviously this isn’t including the obvious stuff – boarding pass and passport – don’t worry I haven’t forgotten them – they just aren’t that interesting!

Hope you found this a useful insight into how I survive travel – until next time!

Little Lemon x


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