NYC & DC Haul

So we have been and returned from NYC. We had the best time and even managed to sneak in a trip to DC, so got to visit the White House – was epic!

As hubby was working I ended up doing a fair bit of shopping, I find that sometimes it takes me ages to decide to buy something and then I get the bug and the flood gates open so below are some of my purchases! I did have an idea of some of the shops I wanted to visit which you can’t get in the UK – I watched a lot of NYC Hauls on YouTube!

IMG_0550Paper Source

Sadly these guys aren’t in the UK which is so upsetting – because if you like stationary and quirky gifts you would LOVE this place! It is like P aperchase mixed with scribbler and not on the high street – it was AMAZING!

IMG_0551I bought a few things here including some Christmas pressies so I will keep those secret but for myself I bought this amazing ‘Cat Lady’ makeup bag which has pride of place in my handbag with all my essentials in!!

I had seen online that they were a great place to get a new diary for the following year, now I use my diary to hold all my To Do lists for work and life, I find it helps me prioritize and I find I remember things more if I write them down! This ‘My Agenda’ book from Paper Source is AMAZING and I’ve already had so many comments on it at work. It is an August 2015 – December 2016 edition which meant I could start using it straight away, and has a monthly view at the beginning and then a weekly view in columns, so perfect for all my to do lists! I think this may have been my fav purchase of the holiday!IMG_0553


The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up – I have read and heard SO much about this book so I caved and bought it in Paper Source. The general principle is about de-cluttering your life and MAN do I need that! Me and Hubby live in a fairly big one bed place but we are looking at buying a house next year, and it can’t come soon enough as we are outgrowing this place big time, we have stuff on every surface and sometimes the place is a little claustrophobic. I am hoping after reading this I can do a massive clear out before we move!!

IMG_0548Lulu Lemon

I bought these delicious Yoga pants (as the Americans would call them!!) from Lulu when I was in DC – I know they are in the UK but with the exchange rate it is much cheaper in the US. I can’t quite explain to you how soft and comfy these are – so much so I wore them all day on day and to travel home – they are amazing! Yes – they were still quite expensive but SO worth it – might even encourage me to get my yoga on more often!!

IMG_0555Bath & Body Works

I had heard A LOT of Bath and Body Works candles – now I will admit – I have a full blown candle addiction! They are everywhere in our flat and I always have one burning in each room – you get a different smell everywhere you go! I ideally would have wanted to bring back LOADS of big ones but I found these great small sized ones so I did a smash and grab and brought about 6, all winter and festive smells! My fav by far is the Spiced Apple Toddy candle – it is fresh and festive I LOVE it! I have been burning a couple and I am also really impressed with how long they last for the size!

IMG_0547Urban Outfitters

Now this was more a purchase of necessity because I was cold but I am obsessed with this scarf – it is a great length and one of those scarfs that is thick enough to cover your face when it’s really cold out – and love the contrast of the white and black and baby pink – So cosy. I wore it constantly after purchase!




This purchase I think is going to be a game changer this winter! I love the Abercrombie hoodies which have the fleece lining but realistically I only really wear hoodies round the house – but this bad boy has a lovely draped shape and hasn’t got any massive branding on it, the perfect layer for under a leather jacket or winter coat for ultimate cosyness. I can’t tell you how soft it is – its like wearing a hug – I love it!

I did buy more things mostly some mix and match undies from Victoria Secret but let’s face it – nobody needs to see that! I also bought some super special xmas pressies for people and I can’t wait to give those!

That’s it for my NYC/DC haul – I am now off to apologise to my credit card company!

Much love

Little Lemon x



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