November Favorites

So each month I thought I would share my Top 5 favourite things from the previous month, these will fall into loads of categories; beauty, technology, TV shows, movies, books (although I’ll also be doing book reviews), Homeware, fashion…you name it!

So what was I loving in November…


iPhone 6s Plus (Rose Gold!) – So I have finally caved to the world of apple and got an iPhone!! It’s not that I dislike apple products – I swear by my iPad its more that for years my work phones have been iPhones, so they always reminded me of being on call at work! I have previously had nokias, samsungs you name it but I now TOTALLY get why everyone has an iPhone! It is really easy to use, its quick and smooth and being able to get apps that actually work properly is amazing!

I have been loving the bloglovin’ app as well as balanced app which helps you to plan in you time throughout the week with gentle reminders (stuff like ‘Go to the gym’, ‘read’ or even ‘meditate’!


I am what some people would call a total candle addict – it is my one vice and it is rare I go on a shopping without bringing one back – we have no more surfaces for them but I can’t help myself and one of my favourite places to buy candles has to be Anthropologie. I feel the smells are always lovely and I find that they give off a lot of scent, yes they are a bit more expensive but in my view totally worth it. This month I have religiously been burning their Mulled Cider candle which just smells SO festive but also fresh and not too sickly or sweet – I love it! I am almost through this 3 wick one already so I may have to buy another to tie me over the festive period!


I’ve had loads of beauty loves this month but these 3 have been the ones I’ve been reaching for time and time again and even made it into my suitcase for NY – so they must be good!

IMG_0594Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner – These have been a total surprise find for me! They are Superdrug own brand shampoo & conditioner and were silly cheap!! The bottle says it’s to hydrate and shine, giving you clean hair but not weighed down. Now I have really troublesome hair, I get greasy roots and the ends can be so dry its almost puffy, some shampoo’s make the ends lovely and soft but it’s so weighed down and greasy like I’m wearing a wig! I was so pleasantly surprised with this combo – it’s a lovely fresh clean almost sweet smell (not overly coconut for those who aren’t lovers!) – I am hooked!

IMG_0595.JPGTanya Burr – Eyeshadow Palettes – I recently got into watching Tanya’s makeup tutorials on YouTube, I find them by far the easiest ones to follow and what I love is that she uses a great combination of high end but also drugstore products which is great. I read she had a range out in this months Glamour magazine and when I was in IMG_0596Superdrug I thought I’d pick up one of her eyeshadow palettes, a snip at £5.99. I am HOOKED! I have now bought all three but the one pictured (Fairy tale palette) is my fav. The shadows have great pigment and blend easily and the mushroomy shimmer shade is just to die for! Honestly if you see them when you’re out – pick them up!




IMG_0597Superdrug – Coconut Oil – I suffer from really dry skin in winter, on my cuticles, hair as above and get really bad rough dry patches on my arms – its horrid, feels so uncomfortable! I had seen a lot about coconut oil on pintrest so I picked up this nifty small tub from Superdrug. It is pretty sold but is easy enough to scrape out (I use a teaspoon) and then you can either warm it up in your hands or pop it in the microwave and then apply. The dry patches on my arms are gone and I recently used it as a hair mask and my hair now feels lovely and soft! So cheap and really useful to have around – a real winter skin saviour!

So that’s what I’ve been loving!!!!

Little Lemon xxx


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