Fun Filled Festive Day

So I’m going to start this blog post saying that until this year – I wasn’t really a Christmas fan. Don’t get me wrong – when I was a kid I LOVED Christmas, it was such a special family time. I would wake up all through the night and go to the toilet – checking to see if the living room door had been closed over, a sure sign Santa had been.

Then when mum got ill and eventually passed away my whole family just didn’t get together anymore. It was almost like us getting together just wouldn’t work anymore. For years I travelled down to London to stay with my mate Simon and his family, walking into one of those amazing family made christmasses – which was beyond lovely but just reminded me of what I’d missed out on.

IMG_0638Then when Dad got unwell it was so hard, so for the past 5 years Christmas was me John and Twiglet in London on our own except last year, which may have been the hardest of all. It was Dad’s last Christmas and he was determined to make it special. By this point he couldn’t eat but he wanted to taste all the food and be with his family. Christmas was Dad’s favourite time of year ever, god forbid if you wanted to differ from the Adair traditional menu (Veg soup, Turkey and all the trimmings and Christmas pudding with brandy butter in case you want to know!)

I know Christmas this year without dad will no doubt be difficult, but for some reason with all of the sadness and illness and waiting for bad thIMG_0635ings to happen, this year it feels like a weight has been lifted, and for the first time in about 15 years I feel festive. So I am fully embracing it and spreading the cheer!

IMG_0620Yesterday I had my two favourite people (hubby and big lemon) and we baked gingerbread, wrapped and posted some Christmas presents and decorated the flat. Hubby picked the most perfect tree and I just find living rooms look so cosy! I took some pictures of the day to document it so hope you like them!

Also I’ve been religiously opening my Yankee Candle Advent calendar (thanks Hub!) and burning the smells, so there is a steady festive smell IMG_0627throughout the house! My favourite are the balsam tree smells and anything mulled, spiced apple! Most festive smells if I’m

Having  a Christmas tree with a mischievous kitty is a challenge  – I think the
tree was up for around 7 minutes before she launched herself to the top an fell out!! In fact – as I am typing this she is trying to attack the slights from under the tree – it’s going to be a long 4 weeks!!

Lots of festive love

Little Lemon xxx


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