Winter Skincare Saviours!

I have found that as I have got older my skin has changed a lot, when I was younger I was very oily and spotty (ick!) and now I find my skin is incredibly dry and at times can be a bit lack-lustre. This time of the year I always find keeping my skin hydrated and clear is a real challenge, but I have found a routine for head to toe that really works for me.


I religiously slather myself in moisturiser every time I have a bath or show or I tend to find my skin feels tight and I get awful dry rough patches, especially on the tops of my arms which just feels so uncomfortable. I try and scrub to get rid of dead skin around once a week – I struggle with scrubs and still haven’t found one go to that I always use but the key for me this winter has been The Body Shop’s Hawaiian Kukui Cream. It is so thick it almost feels velvety to the touch and it smells super comforting. I slather this on and my dry patches are gone! It takes a little while to rub in as its quite thick but it’s worth the effort!!


I get terrible dry hands and I find they always feel super tight, especially after washing them as I find a lot of handwashes are really drying. Again I have used many different hand creams but I have been really loving Palmers coconut oil hand cream. Again its super thick and I find that it absorbs well and leaves your hands feeling super soft for hours and it smells delish! I have also found an improvement in the condition of my nails, I find they flake a lot this time of year but right now they seem strong and shiny! Double win!


As I’ve mentioned before my hair is a tad temperamental – but the ends of my hair are terrible for being dry due to the amount of colour on my hair. I recently had a post-wedding chop so I’ve been really keen on looking after my hair to stop it getting into a bad state again! Recently I have been swearing by the Moroccan Hair Oil brand – I have both the oil but a real saviour has been their restorative hair mask. I’ve been using this once a week and my hair is in much better condition for it – yes its quite pricey but in my opinion – worth it!


I have two great tips for keeping your face super soft this winter! I have the same cleansing routine all year round (I swear by Liz Earle cleanse and polish!) but in the evenings before bed I’ve been slathering my face in Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral night cream. This stuff is super thick and I wouldn’t say it smells particularly appealing, but I can sleep with this on and my face feels super soft in the morning and my skin looks plumper, plump enough to have pillow creases after a heavy nights sleep!

IMG_0692I love a facemask and I have a few that I rotate depending on what it is my skins needs. If I feel it needs a super charged boost of moisture this No7 Beautiful skin hydration mask is incredible.  It is a creamy texture and it doesn’t dry on your face like a regular facemask, but leave this on for 5 minutes and your face will feel transformed. It almost feels like you have a veil of softness which is so comforting – I will say that if you don’t have mega dry skin you might feel like your face feels a little ‘coated’, but personally I don’t mind that.

11041967-1417108261-483047All Rounder’s

These two products are ones that I reach for time and time again throughout winter. The first is PawPaw ointment – I buy the yellow one with no perfume. This is just incredible for lips and cuticles and I just love it. In fact recently I cut myself pretty badly and as it was healing it felt dry and sore and I used this stuff on it and it healed so quickly it’s unreal!

IMG_0688The second is this Declor Aroma Nurtion oil – which is perfect for skin and hair and it smells divine! I have often put this on in the morning and had people commenting me on the smell! I use this after a warm bath when I’m still a bit damp so it soaks right into my skin and I even put some on my hair as a treatment which is fabulous! It’s quite expensive, but again if you have stubborn dry patches this will be your saviour!


So that is what I have been swearing by to keep me smooth and soft this winter!

Hope this is helpful!

Little Lemon


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