My Top 5 – Winter Workout Motivation!

I would love to sit on here and say how much of a fitness junkie I am and how I am totally dedicated to working out all the time…but that would be a lie! Now I really enjoy working out, I love getting sweaty and the buzz you get from it – it’s just getting to the working out bit I sometimes struggle with, and it’s especially bad in winter. It’s dark outside when you wake up and is dark again when you leave work and all you want to do is curl up with comfort food and a nice bottle of red wine! So how do I keep myself motivated? Below are just some of the ways which work for me in getting my butt in gear!

  1. Choose the time of day wisely – for me that happens to be in the morning. So hubby gets up at half 6 and my alarm doesn’t go off till 7.15am – but by the time he is up and in the shower I am awake. Previously I would lie there and check facebook and waste time, but now, 3 times a week I am forcing me to get my butt out of bed and get a workout in before work. That way you can have that smug feeling all day and get home and flop without worrying about going out again!
  1. Choose a quick but effective workout – Choose a Workout that works for you – I get that some people like to spend hours in the gym, but I am not that person! I like to get maximum sweat in a short period of time, I want to feel properly worked out but as I have been working out in the morning I want something quick but effective! My ultimate favourite is Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred, which is only 20 minutes long but is full on! She has come up with a system of 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs – as she says you can phone it in the gym for hours but 20 minutes high intensity is all you need! Equipment wise, you do need some hand weights and a mat but then you’re good to go!  The 30 Day Shred isn’t the only DVD of Jillian Michaels – I also have her Yoga Burn and Killer Abs DVD – I find they are all super easy to follow and make you feel like you’ve had a proper workout.
  1. Get some Technology to push you! I would love to say that pure willpower alone is enough to get me to put the mince pie down and get my butt in gear, but that would be a lie!! Last month I was given a Fitbit Charge – it hasn’t left my wrist since and I find it has pushed me! It tracks your steps per day and vibrates when you hit your recommended 10,000 steps. Now you would think it’s easy to hit that level, but when you sit at a desk all day it’s surprisingly difficult! I find it encourages me to take a walk in lunchtime, or get off the bus early to walk to the station, I have even done some marching around the flat to hit my target before going to bed! Along with that it also tracks your sleep and if you are trying to lose weight, if you sync with MyFitnessPal (a calorie tracker!) you can input what food you eat and sync it to your Fitbit to see what calories you’ve burned to help keep you on track!
  1. 693-628-G66sTreat Yourself! This really worked for me recently – I had been lusting after a pair of Stella Adidas bottoms (pictured!) – they are white and awesome but were quite expensive and after my lulu lemon splurge knew I couldn’t just buy them without reason! So I said that if I worked out for 3 weeks in the morning I could treat myself – and you know what I did it! This has been great for two reasons… now I want to work out more to show them off and two when I put them on I feel a bit pumped and proud of myself for keeping it up! Obviously it’s not entirely feasibly to buy yourself something new every 3 weeks but it helps to get you into the swing, and even if it’s something small, like treating yourself to a lipstick or a pret lunch – it all helps!

So those are my top 5 tips to keep up the motivation – now I’m off to work off the 2 mince pies I’ve eaten while writing this post!! Oops!

Little Lemon x



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