December Favourites

So December is over, the month of festive joy and over indulgence. The past month has been a busy one with lots of social get gatherings but I have definitely had some outstanding favourites this month! They are a pretty random mix of things to watch, eat, smell and a beauty fav too – So here they are…

netflix-making-a-murdererMaking of a Murderer (Netflix Original Series) and Serial (Podcast) – Yes I know this is technically two things but they are similar in nature! I LOVE a good crime story and tales of ‘who done it’ and reviewing evidence and all that stuff.
I’ll start with Serial – this is a
podcast that started in 2014 so I’m slightly behind in the times but I was put onto it by a good friend and as soon as I listened to episode one of the first series I was hooked! The premise for the first season is a murder in Baltimore in the US and the murder of a high school student Hae. Soon after her ex-boyfriend called Adnan is arrested and is currently serving life for her murder, but he still claims after all this time he didn’t do it. Each episode looks at a different aspect of the case and it is shocking how he was convicted, and essentially leaves you asking the question – did he really do it? For the record I don’t think he did! The best news is the 2nd series has just started and is 3 episodes in. This one has a very different spin looking at A US army man called Beau who walked off his base and was captured by the Taliban for 5 years, he is about to go to court and could potentially serve jail time. It is good, not as gripping as season one but definitely worth a listen – just go to – you won’t regret it! I came across Making of a Murderer through doing some online research about theories to do with Serial Season 1 (yes I am that sad) and it said that if you liked Serial you would like this series just put on Netflix in December. I watched the first episode and knew I would love it. It follows Stephen Avery, a man in America who was sent to jail for a rape he didn’t commit and was exonerated after 18 years, now that all happens in the first 2 episodes out of 10, so a lot of other stuff happens but I won’t say what and spoil it! Essentially, similar to Serial it is about the American justice system and how it works or in the case of Making a Murderer it totally fails people who are innocent. It is terrifying and there was several times I got so frustrated by it I had to pause and walk away. Compelling viewing – it is on Netflix but the first episode has been put on YouTube for all to watch – but it is worth getting the month free subscription just to watch this show – trust me!


candleFestive Spice Candle – Next – so we already know I am a candle addict and Christmas is the perfect excuse to buy some suitable for the season! I am not a fan of all of the sweet Christmas cookie themed scents, I am more a fan of the smell of Christmas trees and cinnamon – more traditional scents I guess and this Next candle is perfect! I have never really purchased candles from Next before, and for £8 it was a great buy! First it looks gorgeous in a glass holder with a gorgeous festive robin print and I’ve been burning this candle every night throughout December and it’s only halfway burnt and the smell was strong and traveled through the flat really well! This was a festive specific item from next but I will definitely be purchasing more candles from them in the future!


M&S CoatMarks & Spencer – Limited Grey and Blue Cocoon Coat – £79 – So the last thing I really needed to purchase this year was a coat and I hadn’t gone looking for one at all. It was actually while going to buy Christmas crackers and it caught my eye and it was love at first sight! It is super soft but not too thick (I always overheat if I have too many layers on) and is a fantastic length, it sits above your knee which I love and have been finding more coats have been shorter this season. It survived the ultimate test of keeping me cosy on Exmouth beach in Devon on Christmas eve – it was super blustery but I was snug as a bug! I bought it during a 30% off event but I would still think it was a great buy at £79.


lush christingleChristingle Body Conditioner – Lush – I have tried many different in shower moisturisers in the past and I’ve always found they just aren’t thick enough and I still need to use something after the shower – until now! This pot from Lush really packs a punch with a strong peppermint smell and menthol which literally makes you tingle all over, perfect for waking you up on those dark mornings! I find it is super moisturising, my skin feels super soft! Essentially all you do is slather it on standing just out the shower, and then rinse it off – simple! Sadly this scent was a Christmas limited edition but they have other body conditioners  which I will be trying when this one runs out, which will be in a while as a little goes a long way!


IMG_0931Cheeseboards – (Various!) Last but not least I had to have something Christmas based in here and it had to be food based. For me – Christmas isn’t Christmas without my favourite food – CHEESE, and lots of it!! When pre-ordering for any Christmas lunches or meals out I always go with a Cheeseboard, you can never go wrong! I love how social they are and how you can really take your time and each mouthful can be different, there isn’t a cheese I don’t like (the stinker the better as my friend Gayle would say!) and I love all the chutneys and my ultimate fav, pickled walnuts. I have had many cheeseboards in my time but nothing beats the spread that my mother in law puts on at Christmas which this year included a whole wheel of Brie (Pictured!). She works at the local community shop and helps with the purchasing around the local area they are from in Devon and she buys some of the best cheese, I always end up buying some when we go down to bring home – SO GOOD! Not great for the waistline but hey – it was Christmas!

So those are my December favourites – A random mix but hey – that’s me!

Until next time!

Little Lemon x


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