Braving the Hair Chop!!

IMG_1114I have been contemplating changing up my hair for a while now. I had grown it pretty long for the wedding (under strict instruction of my fabulous hair dresser big sis!) and it eventually got to what I believe the technical term is ‘boob length’. I totally understand the joy of having long hair, the styles you can do, curling it, tying it up – all of that, but what I found is I was becoming lazy. I was washing it at night and leaving it wet and going to bed and my hair was just a bit lack lustre, I clearly wasn’t loving it. Also it was in bad condition from colouring, and I have very fine hair but TONS of it, so drying my hair nice and straight would take a good 45 mins – which if I’m being frank I could never be arsed to do.

After the wedding I did a fairly big chop to just under my shoulder, and for a while that satisfied my change craving but not for long. I kept seeing pictures of short hair crop up on Pintrest and found myself saving them, and viewing my total girl crush Kayley Cucco with her short hair really made me want to brave the big chop.

Yes it was a hair change, but it also felt a little bit like therapy for me. My dad always loved my hair short (mostly because I couldn’t tuck it behind my ears – his pet hate!) and I had been growing it for the time he was sick, I guess because it was easy and my focus wasn’t on me. So chopping it all off has felt a bit like a release for me (which I do realise as I type it sounds ridiculous!) and I am so glad I summoned up the guts!

So… do I love it? Well only time will tell but I think so, I am never that person who stands in the salon and says ‘YES I LOVE IT’ instantly, it always takes me a bit of time. I certainly feel more quirky and stylish – I feel like having short hair puts you in the minority these days! But you know what, hair grows and I have learned that life (like my new hair!) is short – so mix it up!


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