Style Week – January

I won’t ever say I am a ‘fashionista’ – I love clothes and I know what I like and what I think suits me. I would say my style has changed a lot, especially in the past couple of years. I used to wear dresses and heels to work and power dressed to put on a persona, I feel that I am much more comfortable in my style these days.

So what is my style – ugh good question! I think it is quite casual, quite plain (as in I don’t wear as many prints as I used too) and I am not a lover of anything particularly figure hugging (much to hubbys dismay). I think the best way is to show you – so I am thinking monthly of doing a style week so you can see the kind of thing I wear everyday – and it’s great for me to look back to see what thinks I think work and what doesn’t!


I was off to the theater on Monday so I wanted something casual but with a smarter edge. I only recently invested in this black denim skirt from Topshop and I have already worn it loads – I think it is a great piece that sums up smart causal and it goes with EVERYTHING! The top is from H&M and is a lovely thin material – it is hard to find long sleeved items which aren’t too thick for me – I always end up too hot! Boots are also new from New Look – I swear by their shoe collection – I love the metal edge to the inner heels – think it gives them a quirky edge!


So my first workday of the week – my work doesn’t have a dress code, you can be as causal as you like – which is great and I know is the envy of some people but I will admit at times I miss dressing up a little! Tuesdays look was about comfort – so I wore this moto denim dress by topshop which is a great shape for skimming over everything, my fav grey Topshop cardigan (I love the batwing slouchy shape!) and my loved black boots again! Feel I like this outfit – quite low key but stylish.



I really liked this look – mostly because I love the colour of this jumper and the fact it is a great length covering my bum! I matched it with my faithful dark blue skinnys. I get all my skinnys from New Look – I have an odd shape with a small waist and big bum so the stretch in them means they fit perfect. These boots are from Hobbs and were from the hubby – they are pony skin low heeled and lepoard print so the perfect boot for wearing all day – I find with a plan outfit (which a lot of mine are) they add a quirky edge. I also added a long necklace to this look to break up the long jumper.



I find by Thursday I am craving comfort – I find my lowest energy day is Thursday and given it was my first week back I was all about comfort by this point!! This T-shirt is SO old and has survived many a wardrobe cleanse – I don’t even remember where I bought it from but I love the cheeky sentiment, I always think a quirky statement tee with some skinny jeans is a great go to look. These skinnys are also New Look and find i’ve been reaching for them more and more, I love the colour. Then my new love – my Adidas superstars – these are the first pair of trainers I have bought in years and I forgot the joy of them! It is like wearing clouds on your feet – I am SO glad they are back in fashion! I then pulled this look together with a leopard print scarf – love!


I had a night out planned with some of my work people on Friday so I wanted a really good day to night look – so I settled on this great black knotted shirt dress and my trusty leopard print booties (great for dancing!) but to add a bit of interest I added this multi-cross strap bra from Ann Summers. I loved the affect this gave peeking out from under such a plain dress, it got quite a few double takes and I felt super confident in it! I also tweeted the second picture and it got more retweets and likes than any other pic i’ve ever loaded!!! WOO! Felt awesome!


Ahhhh the weekend! I was planning on going up to my friends to watch movies and just relax – so it was about comfort!

I am usually always in skinnys but weekends call for baggy jeans and sweatshirts and I love this one from H&M – anything with a cat based motto or picture and I have to have it! I also teemed this look with my Adidas trainers. This scarf was a New York purchase and was perfect for hiding my face behind from the freezing cold wind!


Everyday Touches



So here are some items that I wear pretty much everyday – starting from the top right corner

  1. I am all about the Rose Gold clearly! My watch is from Follie Follie and was a present from hubby – I love it and get so many compliments. My two bracelets are from Topshop ones, so not expensive but I love that stacked look with your watch. I would love to replace these with more expensive alternatives one day as I do wear them everyday.
  2. Hat & Glasses – I have two pairs of glasses I alternate between, my raybans (pictured) and a pair of Kirk Originals which are also thick black rimmed. I think they frame my face well, I think I look really silly in dainty frames! The hat has been another key feature this week because the cold weather has finally set in! I actually bought it during the week from Topshop because my other grey hat had a hole in it!
  3. Wedding Rings & My Fitbit – I never take my engagement or wedding ring off – some people I know do but these haven’t left my fingers since the man I love put them there. I love the fact mine have coloured stones (sapphires if you can’t see!)  I think it makes them really different from what anyone else has. My FitBit has become a new obsession of mine and i wear it everyday to try and motivate me to get off my butt and go for a walk -it really works!
  4. Picture 4 and 5 are of my everyday handbag. This bag was my birthday present last  year from hubby and is from whistles. I love everything about this bag, it is nearly a year old and is still in great condition and has kept its shape. It is black so goes with everything and I love the fact it has 3 sections inside, means I don’t tend to loose all my stuff in it as often as I normally do!! a real love and can’t seem me swapping it anytime soon!

So that’s my style for last week – I think overall it was a great week for comfort look and my Friday look was by far my fav!

Until next time!

Little Lemon xx


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