January Favs!

So the first and what some would say is the most depressing month of the year, but despite a rocky start to the year (read on for the details!) I have actually had a pretty good January and narrowing down my favourites was pretty tough! But as always I have picked my top 5 things that I have been loving, so here we go…

IMG_1242Husband, Twiglet & Good Friends…

Now I know this is vague – and I LOVE my husband always and my friends are more like family to me, but this month they all out did themselves. From the 29th of December through to mid-January I was totally bed bound. What started as tonsillitis then moved on to a horrible sinus infection and then bronchitis – when I saw the doctor she took such pity on me she gave me anything she could think of, I honestly could have set up a pharmacy (I think if I knew her name she may have made it into this post as a fav too!)

Hubby literally waited on my hand and foot, brought me food and little gifts to cheer me up and even bailed out of new year plans to stay with me, I managed to get from bed to sofa have a small glass of whisky and then it was back to bed for me!

I was inundated with messages from friends and even got a hand drawn card from one of my bestest friends and her children from halfway around the world, it’s amazing how much of a boost they all gave me – they kept me sane!

You all know who you are – THANK YOU!

IMG_1144Adidas Stan Smiths

So I have not owned a proper pair of trainers for quite a few years, converse- yes, slip on versions – yes but proper trainers – not since I was about 15! After much scrolling through Pintrest and in magazines it was clear that a good white trainer had come back and was a bit of a fashion staple! So I purchased a classic white pair of Stan Smiths and I LOVE THEM!

They are so comfortable and they seem to go with everything! I am looking forward to teeming them with cute midi skirts and bare legs when spring hits and it’s not too cold! I don’t know why I waited so long to invest!

IMG_1111White Company – Mint and White Tea Candle

So, I always shed a little tear in January when it’s time to pack away the festive candles, but let’s get real, it’s an excuse to buy new fresh ones for the New Year. I have always loved White Company candles, I find that they are some of the best at scenting a whole room, even better than their more expensive counterparts.

I had previously loved their rosemary, thyme and bay candle but they seem to have discontinued it and I know so many YouTubers who rave about the Mint version. So after my first outing after being cooped up poorly I felt like treating myself, and as soon as I smelt it in the shop I had to have it! It is the most perfect fresh scent and I am obsessed – everyone who has come over and had a whiff has complimented on it. Honestly – I could rave about it for hours it’s so good!

IMG_1282Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

So I have been using up my high end foundations following from the wedding in September, one a MAC studio fix one and the other a Clarins one and all of a sudden I just felt they weren’t right – they were hard to blend and felt too heavy on my skin. After watching so many YouTube tutorials about glowing skin routines I decided I wanted something a bit more forgiving and light – my skin has been really good recently and haven’t had any breakouts so it was time to let it shine!

After watching more YouTube videos from Pixiwoo and I Covet Thee (can you tell I’m obsessed?) I decided to go for the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (my shade was light vanilla). I am SO impressed with this product, it blends easily it isn’t too heavy and doesn’t leave you with any patchy areas which I have found with other foundations. I find the coverage is more medium than light, but doesn’t feel heavy which is great. I only really had to do a little extra concealing under my eyes (damn you dark circles) and the rest of the base was flawless! I would definitely recommend and for around the £10 mark you can’t go wrong!


serumNip+Fab Dragon Blood Fix Serum

Now I will give you this one – the name is odd and a little terrifying let’s be honest, but I’ve been really impressed with the inside product. This serum claims to be intensely hydrating and protective that utilises sap from the Croton Lechleri tree to form a protective layer on the skin and hyaluronic acid to drench the skin in moisture. Helps to plump appearance of skin and reduce redness.

Now when you first use the product you wouldn’t think it was that hydrating, it has quite a gel like texture, bit of a chemically smell but on the skin it sinks in so well and doesn’t feel sticky. I found after using this for a couple of weeks my skin is brighter and I definitely feel more confident without makeup (which takes a lot!). I also find that applying my makeup after it is a cinch, it glides on like a dream! I got this on offer for £9.99 in Superdrug – which is a steal as the price is more around the £20 – but still a great middle of the range serum!

So that is it for January – there are so many exciting things coming up in February, I turn 30 and to mark the occasion me and hubby are off to Disneyland Paris – can’t wait!

Until next time

Little Lemon x


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