A Birthday Weekend in Scotland

So last weekend I ventured up to the motherland for a weekend to catch up with family since I hadn’t seen them all since the wedding in September.

I would be lying if I said that leading up to the trip I didn’t feel more than a little anxious, for many reasons. Firstly, because of the bad weather I had to fly home. Now if any of you have read older posts you will know that I hate flying, it genuinely terrifies me. I will never not get on a plane but I find the whole experience just full of worry and fear, even typing about it gives me sweaty palms.

Secondly, the last time I was in Scotland was in August for a wedding dress fitting and before that was when dad sadly passed away. When I was up in August I didn’t take it very well and ended up getting ridiculously drunk on my family hen do, I wouldn’t admit it at the time but being home without him being there was just too hard.

Also to add to it, since the last time I was up my wonderful step-mum Cat had sold the house and moved, the house I grew up in from the age of 6 months old. Please understand I was totally behind the decision and it was the right thing to do a million percent, but didn’t mean I wasn’t sad to not be going to somewhere so familiar.

So I survived the flight (obviously!) and I ended up having a lovely weekend, yes it was odd staying somewhere where I had to search in 4 different cupboards to find a mug but I felt much more at home in the new place than I thought I would. I arrived late on Thursday after the airport and a little bit of an airport shopping splurge!


I ended up treating myself to a gorgeous eyeshadow Ombre in 04 from Channel – which is just so many lovely pinky taupey shades which I am loving at the moment. I also bought two Mac eyeshadows in Grain and Satin Taupe which are really lovely together, and of course I had to buy a 217 brush – the ultimate eyeshadow brush! I also had been struggling with some funny pustules under my eyes and thought I should try something, so I bought benefits ‘Puff Off’ which Is a cream with a cute iron themed dispenser – now as I am typing this I have been trying it for three days and the pustules are GONE! Wooo! I also bought a classic scent of Clacharel Amour – I loved this perfume when I was in high school and smelling it totally was a stroll down memory lane – turns out I still adore it and at 40% off felt rude not too! Also invested in the Clarins instant lip light oil – this is amazing and isn’t oily on the lips at all – its texture is a bit like honey but it isn’t sticky at all and it has a lovely almost caramel scent – its fab.

Friday I ventured to my sister Sara to get my highlights done (thank god!) and then the rest of the day was spent on the sofa with Cat watching movies followed by a delicious Chinese takeaway! Very chilled and was lovely!

Saturday was a faux birthday treat day for me and Cat had booked me into my local and incredibly trusted spa About Health and Beauty for a 30 minute facial and 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage! It was bliss and they use Dermologica products which always feel super refreshing. I invested in the Pre-Cleanse oil – this essentially is a step before your proper cleanse to get off all your stubborn makeup which I think is great. They used this on me in the facial and I just blurted out ‘oh wow that’s so fresh what is it!!’ – I can’t wait to introduce this into my skin routine – I will report back on the results!


Then it wasIMG_1328 off to get ready for a lovely early dinner at Scotts in Largs which is by the sea, however there were no lovely views to behold as it was SO windy and pouring with rain – was like a monsoon! Nevertheless we had a lovely dinner, I feasted on goats cheese and pesto tart, then haggis neeps and tatties (while in Rome…Or Scotland..!) and then for dinner I had the MOST INCREDIBLE peanut butter tart with tablet ice cream. For you non-scots Tablet is like hard fudge, made mostly of butter and sugar – it’s amazing! All this food was of course washed down with prosecco and wine – was so lovely to have some nice quality family time. We were so full when we got home I was in bed before 9pm!! So rock and roll!


Sunday was up and out with my sister Sara again so she could buy me a birthday present! She bought me an amazing Topshop backpack which I just love – its super stylish and has an amazing zip compartment in the fold over part and then a big space in the middle too – it will be perfect for my Disneyland Paris adventures in a couple of weeks!! I also invested in a pair of black dungarees (much to hubbys dismay I am sure!) – But I have been coveting a pair for ages – I think I will get loads of wear out of them!

I also had some money to treat myself and I decided that because my skin is actually really good at the moment to invest in Bare Minerals skin rescue tinted moisturiser – again this will be great for quick makeup days when I don’t want that much heavy coverage. Then to help my skin stay looking super bright and beautiful I used my birthday treat points in the Body Shop on their Drops of Youth concentrate and also the sleep mask for ultimate hydration – I can’t wait to try these and will let you all know how I get on!

Then it was a cup of tea and goodbyes before heading home. Saying goodbye felt odd – before goodbyes were wrenching because I never knew if I would see dad again, but this time it felt more like ‘see you soon’ than a goodbye which was refreshing. Such a lovely weekend and I can’t wait for my next visit.

Until next time

Little Lemon x


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