White Company Candles – Spring Range Review

I have made on secret of the fact I love White Company Candles, the Wild Mint, Spearmint and White Tea is possibly my favourite candle ever, so when White Company emailed me with a 20% off voucher for their new spring scents I had to try! White Company candles last well, the burn clean and I find they have the best scent range of any others I’ve tried, even when you blow out the candle you can smell it for hours after.


I ordered the ‘Spring’ scented candle and the new ‘Lime and Bay’ candle – as well as a sneaky repurchase of my Wild Mint (addicted – told you!).

The Spring scent smells like your standing in a spring meadow – its fresh but quite floral with notes of honeysuckle, Rose and Cut Grass. I really like this smell which I was surprised at as I normally don’t like floral smells, but by adding in the cut grass it gives it a more fresh smell which compliments it nicely. I think this is a great bedroom scent.

The Lime and Bay scent was an out and out winner for me though, it’s not as good as Wild Mint but think it could be a close second! It is a super fresh yet herby scent which is so uplifting. It also contains mandarin and grapefruit and jasmine, so it is a lovely crisp smell – a great uplifting smell for waking up your senses!

Both candles are £28 so a little expensive but nowhere near the dizzy heights of Jo Malone or Diptyque.

I would recommend them and can’t wait to get burning these and living in either a floral wonderland or a tropical citrus paradise!

Until next time

Little Lemon x


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