The Thing about Turning 30…

I remember years ago watching that episode of friends where they all freak out about turning 30 and thinking ‘oh wow that’s ages away, I wonder how I will feel’ and BOOM here it is. As you read this post I will be singing along to ‘It’s a Small World’ or getting through space on Space Mountain or indeed frog marching my terrified husband into the queue for the Tower of Terror…. Because I will be living the dream in Disneyland Paris.

You may be thinking ‘wow – Disneyland – what a cry for help about growing up’ – well actually that’s not the case (but I totally see why you could think that!). Firstly I am going to Disneyland because it is genuinely one of my favourite place in the world, it is the one place where I can totally forget about the real world and is filled with happy memories of mum and dad and so much smiling – I can’t wait to go back.

So how do I feel about turning 30 – totally fine. Honestly! I always said I would like to be at least engaged by 30 – well I have been engaged and got married to the same guy twice – triple tick! Would I liked to have been a homeowner by 30 – maybe but I’m not sweating it – I’ll only be a few months out (hopefully!).

However, did I image I would be an ‘orphan’ (man I hate that word) at this age? Of course not. But has it made me a strong, independent person? Totally. You know what – I’m DAMN PROUD of what I’ve achieved. I moved away and started my own life, I have fallen flat on my face a couple of times in the process but hey! I have a successful career and I like to think I’m damn good at my job, but I acknowledge I have a lot to learn. I have some of the best most loyal and brilliant friends. It took me a long time to realise quality trumps quantity every time and I have a very amazing close group of special people around me. Then there’s hubby – he is my bestest friend, my rock and the one who makes me smile and laugh every day. I owe the person I am today largely to him,  he has been there every day in the most difficult almost 5 years of my life and I genuinely think I wouldn’t have managed without him at times. Now is our time to focus on us and our future and that’s so exciting.

So you know what 30 – bring it on – it’s going to be brilliant.

Until next time

Little Lemon x


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