Valentines Day Special – The Husband Tag

M&J Part 4_134 (1)So me and hubby don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, we do cards and usually we stay in and have a dinner in together. We both are very good at talking about our feelings and showing it every day, so we don’t feel like we need one specific day to show our love. But in honour of him, and how wonderful he is I thought I would do a wee post dedicated to him and us. The ‘husband tag’ is something I’ve seen a lot on YouTube and other blogs – essentially it’s a bunch of questions which I will answer all about my love!

So I googled some questions and here we are!

1 – Where did we meet?

At work, Hubby used to work in the Oxford office and we would speak on the phone, he then transferred to the London office. He was originally was only going to stay for a few months and take settlement money – but I kind of messed that up!

2 – Where was our first date?

Hilariously – it was the O2 at a Rush gig!!!! John somehow got free tickets and txt me and we went along. The seats were insane and the gig even more so, my only experience of them before was from the film I Love You, Man!

3 – What was my first impression of him?

Well… remember how I said I used to talk to him on the phone? I assumed he was an old man, so when there was an all staff meeting, I remember thinking he was really attractive and asking my friend who he was – I then got the guts up to go over and talk to him.

4 – When did he meet my family?

I can’t quite remember how long we had been together, I think it was about 6 months in. My whole family came over for dinner and he spent the entire time sitting in silence trying to understand all the Scottish talk!

5 – What’s his weirdest habit?

He is going to kill me. He picks his nose. And eats it. GROSS!

6 – How long have we been together?

We got together in May, and this May will be 5 years!

7 – Do we have any traditions?

You know – I don’t think we do! I like to think we are still new into our long relationship, so maybe we will make some soon!

8 – What animal reminds me of him?

Anything hairy haha! Only kidding, People say he is like Mr Tummnus – so I will go with whatever he is!!!

9 – What was our first roadtrip?

Well, as we don’t drive I will take this as our first holiday which was to New York! We had been together just under a year and neither of us had been to the USA – it was amazing!

10 – First thing I noticed about hubby

His eyes, I am a total sucker for blue eyes!

11 – What pisses him off?

He is scarily horizontal and nothing tends to piss him off – I have only seen him nearly lose his temper a couple of times, usually when people were hostile to me!

12 – Favourite feature of his?

His eyes – I love them so much.

13 – 3 things I believe you think I’m not good at

That’s easy – 1. Money and spending, 2. Washing up (I never do it!) and 3. Remaining calm is stressful situations!

14 – What do we argue about the most?

We don’t really argue, there is the odd niggle but I would have to say it’s about money. I hate talking about money even the thought of it makes my skin crawl!

15 – Who wears the pants in the relationship?

I think it depends, if I’m feeling anxious or stressed it’s him, but if I’m set on wanting to do something or achieve something then it’s me – we are flexible!

16 – Does he have any weird obsessions?

Lego – he is obsessed!!!!! If I bought any shoes for the £350 mark I would get shot – but buying lego for that price – not an issue!

17 – Do we have nicknames for each other?

I call him Walsh (our surname) or baby, and he calls me babe – nothing controversial!

18 – What is his favourite restaurant?

Oh that’s tough – I am not 100% sure – I think I would say goodmans steak place in London!

19 – If he’s watching TV – what is he watching?

Sport – of all kinds. Doesn’t matter what it is – if there is a ball involved usually he is watching it!

20 – What is the one food I do not like?

Avocados – he likes guacamole but not avo’s in their original form – he hates the texture!

21 – What drink do I order when we go out?

It is usually one of 3 things, any form of craft beer pale ale, red wine or a G&T on occasion!

22 – What size of shoe does he wear?

I think it’s an 8 or a 9 – I haven’t ever bought him shoes!!

23 – What is my favourite type of sandwich?

I would say bacon – in fact any type of sandwich!

24 – What one talent does he have?

He calms me down when I am at my highest point of meltdown!

25 – What would he eat everyday if he could?

I think maybe fish – he loves it but doesn’t eat it in the house because I HATE it!

26 – His favourite cereal?

I don’t think he has one – but he does have blueberry wheats at work every day!

27 – His favourite type of music?

Anything up to and before 1970s – his music taste always baffles me it’s very old school!

28 – His favourite sports team?

He is a loyal Exeter City supporter – despite the fact they are a bit rubbish!

29 – What is his eye colour?

Blue – easy!

30 – Something he does that I wish he didn’t do?

Hmmmm…. I wish you would sometimes sit and enjoy time doing nothing – he seems to do nothing when I have stuff to do and as soon as we sit on the sofa together – he suddenly is super busy!


So that’s my husband tag – hope you enjoyed!

Little Lemon xx


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