A Week in Disneyland Paris

So for those who have been under a rock, I have just spent the past 5 days hurtling through space, dropping down lift shafts and into the twilight zone and pretending to be a mouse running around a French restaurant… at Disneyland Paris of course!

image9Now I am what some people would call a Disney ‘obsessive’ – I have lost count of the times I’ve been to Disneyland Paris but I think it is somewhere around the 10 – 15 mark! I first went when it opened in 1992 when I was 5 and instantly fell in love with the place. I was already a huge fan of the films but seeing it come to life all around me was truly magical.

image3I totally understand that people don’t ‘get’ it – in fact hubby is one of them but I can hands on my heart say that I find it one of the most relaxing places ever. Yes you read correctly, relaxing. It is like for those few days you are living in a bubble and the outside world doesn’t exist. I find even lying horizontal on a sun lounger there is always a few moments where work, life or general worries will pop into my head and in Disneyland – that just doesn’t happen!

Also it was a special place I shared with mum and dad, and as soon as I walked onto Main Street USA and saw the castle they all came flooding back to me, in fact I got a little emotional about it all. Their favourite rides (Pirates of the Caribbean for dad and It’s a Small World for mum) the chocolate and cream waffles I would have from the stand in Fantasyland and sending my dad on all the rides first when I was little so he could tell me where the scary parts where. It is one of a very few selected places I have such happy memories with them which is why it was so amazing for me to share that place and the memories with my husband.

We had such an amazing time, hubby had been when he was 9 but didn’t really rememberimage4
it so it was amazing being able to see it all through his eyes for the first time. Before we went he dropped the bombshell that he didn’t like roller-coasters – but after the 4 days that’s all he wanted to go on!

We took the Eurostar straight into Disney and we stayed at the Route 66 & Cars themed Hotel Santa Fe – the room was perfect and lovely and clean – exactly what was needed! We arrived at around 3pm and no time was wasted with dumping our things and heading into the parks. While we were there the weather was kind to us, there were a couple of showers but it was COLD, especially when you’re outside so much. Luckily hubby had bought me a Northface jacket as a 30th present (talk about such an old person present!) which I was so thankful for!

After exploring some rides in the parks we then headed to what was dad’s fav bar Billy Bobs in Disney Village (this is outside the parks and is between the park entrance and the onsite hotels and has places to eat and drink!) and after drinking a little too much beer we ended up shopping in the Lego shop where I treated hubby to a ridiculously huge set of lego (the Ghostbusters house in case you are wondering!).

The next morning we didn’t feel smashing but headed into the parks early andimage6 also introduced hubby to the Studios Park – this one has only been there for a few years and mostly features Pixar type films and is a little bit more grown up than the other park, and as I predicted this became his favourite part. We went on more rides including the incredible Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller-coaster – which goes from 0-60mph in a matter of seconds – it’s SO fast that you can barely scream at the beginning – but so much fun!

After all the excitement we had a super early dinner and went back to our hotel to chill out – and I fell asleep about 6pm – only to wake up at 11pm to take my makeup off then slept all night – it was the best nights sleep I’d had in ages!

Then Wednesday was of course my birthday!!!!! I woke up to an amazing present of an engraved YSL lipstick from hubby (with a Disney themed message!) and a book about being a wife (cheeky!) and we headed into the park for opening to go on the brand new Ratatouille ride! It is a crazy ride that is part 3D film (you have to wear glasses) and part moving around a ride – it was brilliant but right at the end it broke down and we had to get evacuated off it!!!! This did mean though we got to go on again without queuing later on in the day which was ace!


After many more rides, a trip back to the hotel for a nap we went into the park to watch their ‘Disney Dreams’ closing show – which was without a doubt my holiday highlight. They project onto the castle and it is all the classic songs and it’s supported with fountains and lights and fireworks. It was so magical, so much so I shed a little tear because I was so overwhelmed and so, so happy. If you go you HAVE to see it, honestly it was one of the most amazing things ever.  Then it was off for cocktails and a steak dinner, and just when I thought I got away without anyone singing happy birthday to me, the waiters ALL sang to me when they delivered my pudding – embarrassing and lovely in equal measures!


By the time Thursday came around we were pretty tired, walking all day every day is hard work and we were averaging about 20,000 steps a day so we took it eaimage10sy, had a lie in and went into the parks late and stayed a little later to watch the Disney Magic parade – which was SO cheesy but hey, it’s Disney right? Then we enjoyed dinner in the jungle thanks to the rainforest café before crashing early in bed!

Then Friday rolled around and there was just enough time for us to go on our favorite rides
again before boarding the Eurostar back to London.

I think I am still in denial that I have to get back to real life, I have been wearing my Minnie Mouse ears in the flat wishing I could go back already!

I loved visiting old memories and making new ones – one of the happiest weeks ever.

Little Lemon xxx


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