February Favourites

Another month has gone, bringing with it my foray into my thirties, a trip away and many happy memories made!

So, here are my monthly favourites – the 5 things that I haven’t been able to get enough of this month!

  1. image3Disneyland – In fact all things Disney in general!

In case you hadn’t realised by now for my birthday hubby took me away for 5 days to Disneyland Paris. I have always loved anything Disney, so much so a mention was even included in my wedding vows! Going there was so special and amazing for so many reasons, it holds so many good memories and sharing them and making new ones with hubby was amazing. Since I have got back I am already trying to think of a way to go back sooner than later and have watched more than one Disney movie!! So magical – every girl loves a good overcomes all story – right?

  1. IMG_1893Sunday Riley – Luna Oil

Here is a caveat – this face oil is seriously expensive (like £85 a bottle) but I believe this is worth every expensive drop! This is a night oil which I use as the last step in my skincare routine (which you can also read about in last week’s post!) in the evening on alternate nights. It is slightly odd to use, it is bright blue after all, but this wonderful elixir makes your skin super soft and plump overnight – it is the closest thing to 8 hour sleep in a bottle! I find after using for a couple of months now (I didn’t want to review until I had given it time!) my skin tone is better and pores are smaller and overall my skin is brighter. I could rave about this ALL DAY. Invest. Seriously, it’s worth it!

  1. s1665066-main-zoomBenefit – Puff Off

I have covered this in my skincare routine too, but it has without a doubt been a favourite this month! This super creamy under eye treatment has transformed my under eye area. I was suffering with white bumps under my eyes (apparently called syringomas!) and having tried numerous things, this seemed to be the one product that got rid of them, after a couple of days! Not only has it got rid of those but my under eye area is smoother and lighter – by far the best benefit purchase I have made in ages!

  1. download.jpgYoga

I realise this is very general, but hear me out. As part of my role at work I arranged two yoga classes a week in the office, one in the evening and one in the morning and I have really ignited my love for the practice. I had previously dabbled and did enjoy it but these were the first proper classes I had gone to and I loved the whole thing, I found it hard work and relaxing in equal measures and week by week I feel like I’ve been getting stronger! I find the evening class is better, I love commuting home having worked out but also feeling super stretch and chilled it’s so lovely. I think I will be keeping it up long after this run of classes is over – I think I’ve finally found my exercise groove!

  1. image9Dungarees

I had been contemplating buying a pair of dungarees for months – and I finally took the plunge on a shopping trip in Glasgow and invested In a Topshop moto jeans pair in black and I LOVE THEM! I took them to Disney (pictured) and have worn them to work – I think they work so well being super casual with a tshirt and trainers but I have also seen people rock them with a shirt and heels for an evening look, which I love. Overall I think they are a great investment and I think I will get more and more wear out of them as the months go on!

So that’s it for another months favourites!

Until next time

Little Lemon xxxx


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