Recent Makeup Buys & Current Loves

So recently I have found myself splurging a lot on makeup, I got my skincare down (if you haven’t read the post please head over and give it a read!) but I felt like my makeup needed a total overhaul – which I am sure was totally unnecessary and was ridiculously expensive. I blame YouTube. I watch a lot of YouTubers and their makeup is usually flawless, and when they all seem to rave about something I can’t help myself!

So here are my latest buys and current make up loves – this isn’t everything I wear on a day to day basis (I may do an everyday makeup post at some stage) but this is more a roundup of the products I am reaching for and really loving. Some are high end and some are more drugstore (Aka from Boots/Superdrug) so hopefully something for everyone!


There are two bases I am really impressed by at the moment, one high end and one cheaper. The first, higher end option is the new NARS velvet matte finish skin tint. Now I know I have been recently coveting a glowy base, but despite it being branded a matte finish it has a real soft focus look on the skin. It is really easy to blend in and is a light medium coverage. I have the lightest shade (god bless my Scottish skin!) and I find it is a great match. I just pop this on and blend in with a real techniques expert face brush. As it gives a slightly softer more matte finish I can add my own glow with highlighter.

On days when I want something really light and more glowy I’ve been reaching for one of the latest offerings from high street favourite Bourjous, City Radiance Foundation. This comes in quite a small bottle but packs a punch on benefits including SPF 30, anti-pollution screen and radiance boosting pigments, so perfect if your skin needs a bit of a lift.  This feels super light on the skin and evens out your skin tone leaving a healthy glow. I have been pairing this with the City Radiance concealer – which is also great but haven’t been using it enough to give a proper review yet!



Revlon have recently launched a new range of mascaras with coloured lids which target different lash requirements, now I am not overly fussy with mascaras but I know a good one when I try it. I started with the blue lidded version, for length and volume and I loved it so much I went and bought the ultimate volume version too (with a pink lid) and it didn’t disappoint. These mascaras are super black and don’t smudge and leave my lashes doing everything they said they would – a great buy!



So when I want that glowy look, I rely on highlighter to give that healthy finish! My favourite right now is the Charlotte Tilbury Gold Brick which was a birthday present from my bestie! It is a real subtle gold highlight which almost gives a wet look sheen to the skin which you can build up, I love it and finds it gives a great, subtle none glittery highlight. Love.



I think I am a bit late to the party but I have recently discovered the brandIMG_2044.JPG Kiko – super affordable but so far I am really rating their eye shadows – the one pictured here is one of their make your own palettes with their wet or dry  shadows – I wanted to create a palette that was the perfect everyday look which I can travel with – so I
picked a lovely sparkly nude shade, a matte chocolate brown and a stunning slightly shimmery mauve colour – they are super pigmented even used dry and more so when they are wet. They are really blendable and I love how easy it is to change up this palette for whatever look you’re going for – I will definitely be looking into more from the brand.



This is my most recent purchase, the Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay blush palette – Being a long term Gwen fan I just couldn’t help myself and was itching to get my hands on something from her range. Firstly the packaging is divine and I find I love all the shades, there is something for everyone and could act as a great contour, highlight and blush set when travelling which is brilliant. There is a lovely big mirror included – the shades so far that I’ve used the most are OC and Easy.



I have been really loving rocking a nude lip and also a super dark lip, so two ends of the spectrum! When it comes to nudes I have been obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Bitch Perfect’ – it is just the most incredible nude shade which I truly think would flatter anyone. It is rich and creamy so feels really comfortable on the lips and I find it also has great staying power.

For a dark lip, on my recent trip away I bought Stila long lasting liquid lipstick in ‘Amore’ – in the tube it looks more red based but on the lip it is a brilliant deep purple and I am obsessed with it. It goes on the lips wet and dries into a lovely matte finish, I wouldn’t say it lasts all day as with most matte lipsticks it gets a bit dry and flaky. On a day of applying at 8am until 8pm I had to touch up about 3 times, which to me is pretty good going.

So those are my latest beauty purchases and current favourites – I hope this gives some of your some inspiration of new things to try!

Until next time

Little Lemon xxx


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