A Shout Out to Strong Woman Everywhere this Mother’s Day

So as many of you know, I sadly lost my mum when I had just turned 13, which some would argue is the time you needed your mum or a woman’s influence and guidance the most. I would be lying if I said that this day doesn’t makes me feel a little bit sad, but it also makes me incredibly thankful for the strong woman I do have in my life, who have all in their own way made me who I am today.

Top of that list are my sister and my wonderful step-mum Catriona. Cat has been in my life now longer than my mum was sadly, and I genuinely don’t think I would be who I am today without her. What has she taught me? To be kind, to be polite and to always have fizz in the fridge. One of my favourite memories with her was getting incredibly drunk before my wedding to John, we laughed – a lot!

But before her were my wonderful sisters, two people who could not be more different. My oldest sister Nicky is currently battling in hospital and she has struggled for nearly 10 years with MS. Although at times through her battle she almost gave up, but she has recently rediscovered her fight – something I am very thankful for. Then there is Sara, who is hands down the most hardworking and generous person ever, whether its money, food or her time she gives everything to others almost to a fault. I often take the mick out of her that she always cries, but I think it takes a brave person to be so in tune with their feelings and not be afraid to show them. She also made one of my other favourite people – my niece Yasmin. I never think of myself as her auntie – more like her sister but I am so proud of the person she has become, independent and fiercely determined in everything she does. She is also a SUPER talented fashion designer; I fully expect her to hook me up when she becomes famous – fact.

Then there is my wonderful mother and sisters-in law, in fact I won the in-law lottery. My mother in law is one of the kindest, sweetest most selfless people I have ever met and I think of her not only as family but as a friend. Her and my sister in laws were all so supportive over the past few years, and I am lucky to be part of their family now.

Then there are my friends, and what a wonderful group of people they are. From Ruth, my ultimate soul mate who is unapologetically herself, determined and will defend her opinion no matter what – I sometimes wish I was more like her. Gayle, who moved to the other side of the world with her family and didn’t blink, she is brave and such a wonderful mum – a true inspiration. My friend Emma I have so much to love her for, she is funny and determined and one of those friends who gives the best advice ever – and who else would do a 500 mile round trip just to keep me company for one night?

And who I want to dedicate this post to…my friend Abi, who is spending her first mother’s day without her beloved mum. I know how hard it is; you know what you’ve lost but when every shop, email circulars and social media are flooded with reminders, it is hard. However, she is staying strong and to her and anyone else out there who is missing their mum today, do what I have done, remember the other strong women who have made you who you are and be thankful.

Until Next Time

Little Lemon xxxx


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