The Fab 5 – Organisation Tips


So on this blog I will be starting a segment called ‘the fab 5’ – which will be my 5 top pics over a range of topics – and my first I want to share with you are my top 5 tips for being organised.

I like to think I am an organised person, I have frequently been told in work that I am ‘freakishly’ organised but I don’t think there is anything wrong with a bit of order and being in control, as long as you are still flexible and you don’t beat yourself up too much if things are derailed slightly!

So here are my 5 top tips for how I stay organised…

  1. Find a diary that works for you

I totally swear by my Paper Source Agenda book I bought when I was in Washington in the states, I like this because it comes with not only monthly over-views but then each page is split into 5 sections – which I label as follows; Work, Blog, Exercise, Home and Other. I then can use this book as daily to do lists for all of those areas – so on one double page I can see exactly how my week is going to shape up in all areas! I like to plan the week out on a Monday morning so I feel in control and I tick things off as I go along, it gives you that amazing self-five feeling! I prefer a paper diary because I find it more visual – but this can also work with planning things on your smart phone calendar – you may wish to colour code all your different areas as above – do what works for you!

  1. Colour-code your inbox

This is something I have recently adopted at work and it has changed the way I work! I have created a range of categories which have associated colours within my inbox which are relevant to my job and responsibilities. It means that when a task or query is emailed to me I categorise it with the relevant colour to show me that it needs to be action, then once actioned I either file it or I delete it. This way if you view your inbox by categories you can easily see what has just come in and what you need to do and in what areas, so if I have 5 emails categorised under ‘intranet work’ – I know I need to book in some time in my planner to work on intranet issues!

  1. Meal Plan

I am a big advocate of meal planning as it saves so much time and money, which recently became apparent to me when hubby was away for work and I was on my own, I had no plan and felt like I picked up bits and pieces here and there which without a doubt worked out to be more expensive than feeding us both for a week! We receive a weekly box of veg and organic meat from Abel & Cole which is delivered to our door every Friday morning. People often ask me how I manage because its really expensive and you know what, it really isn’t. We get a medium veg box which is enough for 3-4 people, a meat box with three different types of meat a week and eggs which comes to around £33. For the amount and variety of veg and meat we get, I think you would be hard pushed to get the same amount of the same quality for much cheaper. Anyway, I digress! We get the boxes delivered on a Friday, so over the weekend I will check when me and hubby are both in, get out my recipe books and see what we can come up with based on what we have and then make what is usually a small shopping list of things we need. This will feed us all week for all meals. We pride ourselves on having freshly cooked meals always!

  1. Have a shared wall calendar

This one has been a god send in our house, and funnily enough we hadn’t started it this year and I really noticed a difference! Me and Hubby are quite social creatures and we often find our weekends booking up quite far in advance and it’s hard to remember what you have each agreed too – so we hang a calendar on there and everything goes on it, when one of us is out for dinner, away with work, people’s birthdays, you name it we try put it on there. It lets us both see in a visual way what we have going on without relying on the others memory (always dangerous – especially with me!). It also gives you a good view of when you have free weekends to do things together, or if there is a frantic week and you will be passing ship, to make an effort to do the little things for the other when you do see each other!

  1. Let technology help you!

There are SO many apps and technology solutions out there to keep you organised but for me, I use apps which remind me to do things in my life that often fall to the bottom of the priority list when things get busy or frantic, which they do no matter how organised you are! An app I love for this is ‘Balanced’ – you input things into the app that you want to keep up in life and how often, and it gives you gentle reminders. There is a wide range of topics you can select from as well as creating your own – some of the items I have on mine are; Go for a walk, meditate, read, plan to see a friend, celebrate a win, take a deep breath and be thankful. I realise this isn’t about keeping you organised as much as it keeps you balanced but I feel it gives me the same satisfying feeling of being in control and focus that being organised gives you.

So those are my top 5 tips that I use to feel organised and in control in life – if you have any that you think are saviours in your life please share!!

Until next time

Little Lemon xxx



1 Comment

  1. Fab ideas. I colour code my work calendar otherwise I freak. And I am super disorganised! Like the email colour coding. Will give that a go 😀


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