International Happiness Day

Yesterday was international happiness day – with people worldwide sharing what made them truly happy, from the big things to the little things.

Happiness is a funny thing, it is something that is completely different for everyone and can have real, scientific benefits. Research has found that happier people can avoid or successfully manage illnesses such as heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and of course depression. Also, amongst older people, optimists have a 77%  lower risk of heart disease than pessimists! So, what you waiting for – let’s get happy!

I find my mindful meditation helps relax me and makes me happy but I also am a huge fan of gratitude, taking a short few moments to be thankful and think of all the things that make you happy so that’s what I’m doing! My top 10 things which really get me smiling…

  1. My husband, I married my best friend and he’s hot – jackpot
  2. Twiglet my cat – when I am feeling down she knows, a head boop and cuddle can instantly lift me
  3. Cold crisp days with beaming sunshine – those are my favourite I could walk in them for hours
  4. The smell of coffee, I love this so much I bought a candle of it! The smell and whole process of sitting with a hot cup of coffee brings me such joy
  5. Breakfast at Tiffanys – my favourite film of all time and always makes me smile – “It’s useful being top banana in the shock department!” is one of my favourite quotes of all time.
  6. Cooking – I love nothing more than the whole process from chopping to the final delicious feast. My real pleasure comes from cooking for others and seeing them enjoy what I’ve made – no better feeling
  7. Reading – engrossing myself in a book can do amazing thing, it can make you laugh, cry but it gives you totally escapism and sometimes that’s just what you need to be happy at that time
  8. A song, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel – it was the first dance at my wedding and whenever I hear it I am transported back to one of the most special moments ever and reminds me how lucky I am
  9. A hot bath, I enjoy little more than relaxing in a hot bath and having a pamper – it’s just simply divine
  10. The sea – being near the sea does amazing things to my mind-set, as well as usually putting me to sleep. The sound of the waves crashing and pulling back instantly slows my heartrate down, and the fresh air just puts me at ease straight away

So those are just some of the things which make me well and truly happy right from the pit of my tummy! So what are yours? Please stop, think and be grateful for all that you have.

Until next time

Little Lemon xxxx



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