The Fab 5 – Places to Eat in London

Me and hubby are real foodies, we love cooking new recipes from scratch but we also love eating out. We eat out roughly once every couple of weeks, sometimes planned but more often than not on a whim after a tough day or we just fancy treating ourselves.  We love trying new places but there are a few which we frequent more than others, so here they are, my top 5 places to eat in London!

1.       Dishoom –

Dishoom is a chain in London based on the old Irani street cafes in Bombay – where people of all classes used to come together to enjoy delicious, authentic Indian Food. There are several scattered throughout London which all have an industrial feel to the interiors, feeling like you’ve stepped back into a sepia world with the odd flashes of jewel colours. The food has a very tapas feel, so you can order tasters of lots of things and share them as a group. They also serve the most incredible Bombay inspired breakfasts which really are to die for! My recommendations would be for breakfast, the eggs on chilli toast and get a side of the masala beans – they are amazing! For dinner the signature black dhal is delicious and I love the Paneer Tikka. The only down side is there is usually a long wait – our recent visit we waited an hour and a half and then once your seated the food is fast – you can easily eat, pay and be out the door in an hour. Luckily the bar area is available and there cocktails are yummy and very unique and if you do have to wait outside for a little while you will be kept warm with some homemade chai.  From a price perspective – for dinner for two, couple of cocktails and wine came to around £70 – which I feel is quite reasonable.

2.       Francho Mancas-

Francho Mancha is the home of sourdough pizza in London – I have yet to find a Francho Mancha that doesn’t have a queue outside – even during the week at lunchtime.  Their pizzas are based on a slow rise sourdough base which they cook in specific ‘Tuefae’ ovens – which are all the way from naples (apparently!). This results in perfectly cooked, think but big bubbly crusted pizzas which are to die for.  The menu is insanely simple with around 6 pizzas to choose from, only one or two sides and with all wine and beer being unbranded it also makes for a cheap dinner date. A pizza is around £10 – so you can easily get a great feed and couple of drinks for under £20.

3.       Chicken Liquor –

Oh lord, when I am in the mood for a real naughty, dirty meal chicken liquor is the first place that pops into my head. They are the only sister restaurant to Meat Liqour and no surprises that they specialise in all things chicken. Based in Brixton only but the menu of chicken wings or boneless bits with multiple coatings, chicken burgers and mouth-watering sides are worth the trip – trust me. My order is always buffalo bites with a side of deep fried mac and cheese and hot mess. What is hot mess I hear you cry? It is mushed up hash browns topped with cheese sauce and jalapenos – oh my, even typing it my mouth is watering like mad.  This place isn’t as cheap as Francos and isn’t as expensive as Dishoom – a good middle of the roader.

4.       Ethos –

Ethos is my healthy eating option for this list and is a vegetarian buffet restaurant hidden behind bustling Oxford circus. They have a unique way of working, you load up your plate and pay by weight – simple but can potentially be dangerous – a full large plate will cost you roughly £18 – but you do get a wide range of items on offer. There is something for everyone, salads, warm foods such as paella and they do an incredible veggie scotch egg to boot. Great if you are feeling greedy but you don’t want to get the total food guilt feeling after!

5.       Wahacha –

I love Mexican food, I would be tempted to say it’s one of my favourite and I love Wahacha for affordable, authentic Mexican food. Set up by Thomansina Miers after a stint on Masterchef the food focuses on colour, fresh and slightly heathier Mexican food all made with seasonal fresh ingredients. The menu has a mix of big dishes but the real stars are the street food offerings –  If you are planning on going what I would suggest is getting the wahacha selection – this is around 6 dishes for £20 which is perfect for two people. You can supplement with some sides if you are feeling extra hungry (the black beans are delish!) and of course would be rude to not wash it down with a tequila or two! I always find it’s a great one when you are taking others out – the selection has something for everyone and I have yet to meet a person who didn’t love it!

So after this post I am starving and craving an incredibly strange combo of all of the above so I’m off to eat a banana and hope for the best!!!

Until Next Time

Little Lemon xxxx


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