Mindfulness for the Frazzled by Ruby Wax – A Review

9780241186480I have always been a huge fan of Ruby Wax and her views, total honesty and sheer guts when it comes to talking about mental health and depression.  I have read her previous books (Sane New World – also worth a read!) and I love her general approach to writing.

A bit of history is that Ruby Wax has always struggled with terrible depression – so bad she just would crawl into bed and not do much else. To be able to deal she decided she needed to know exactly what was going on in her brain and wondering how mindfulness can cure. So she not only learned about it – she went to oxford and got a masters in it which I think is incredible.

I did worry that this book wouldn’t say anything new compared to her previous, which focuses a lot on the science behind depression, anxiety and the hormones, parts of the brain and all that jazz, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The book talks about mindfulness and its effects on the brain don’t get me wrong, but what is amazing is the font flicks which shows when Ruby is talking from her perspective and experiences, and often than not they are so real and raw. There is even a chapter in the book where she types from a terrible depression spurt – which if you want to understand how someone can feel in those depressive states I can’t recommend it enough.

The book also includes a 6-week programme for mindfulness virgins which is super easy to manage and attain yet isn’t patronising. Alongside this it gives interesting ideas and exercises for babies, children and teenager which really gets me thinking.

Overall I can’t recommend this book enough, it will really explain the basics of mindfulness and where it came from, the science and practical ways to practice it while being funny and heartfelt. Please – go read it – NOW!

Until next time

Little Lemon xxxx


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