Our House Buying Journey – An Update

So time for a house buying update…. We have one. Well kind of. Let me explain!

Last update we had viewed two houses and put in offers, we ended up being out-bid but were surprisingly philosophical about the whole thing. Were we disappointed, of course we were a little bit but I always remember what my mum said, what is for you doesn’t go buy you. And boy was she right!

So across from one of the houses we viewed was a brand new development and hubby just so happened to take a look. Now, I will be the first to admit that a new build house was never what I envisaged, it wanted character and charm but the more we spoke to people they said it was a sensible, solid choice for a first house. You have guarantees in place for any breakages and snagging, they are economical to run and what became apparent is you get a lot of house for your money!

So we have a reserved a 4 bed plot exactly where we wanted to be – which will be ready in September. We went over and above what we were going to spend and the only way we could have done it is with a ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. These are great for first time buyers, I never realised before the money you got went onto your deposit, I always assumed it meant your mortgage payments were higher but luckily that’s not the case.

So why am I not screaming form the rooftops that I have a house? Well we have our help to buy approved and the mortgage has been submitted – just got to wait, see and hope that it will all go through and then come September – WE WILL HAVE A HOUSE.

Sorry… momentary lapse of excitement! I am still trying not to get overly into planning and furniture buying just yet – especially as we have A LOT of fees to potentially pay!

Really hoping to update with good news soon!

Until Next Time…

Little Lemon xxx


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