A Week of R&R – Dunkeld, Scotland

As I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts, last week I ventured up to our timeshare lodge in one of my favourite places of all time. I have been going to Dunkeld all my life, so it holds many incredible memories of my mum and dad who are sadly, no longer with us. When my dad passed away last year he left me the timeshare with the hope I would make new wonderful memories with my husband and one day our children and family.

It was a hard week and there were a few moments on quiet walks through the forest I shed a little tear. My dad loved the place so much and I just had to remind myself that in a way he was all around, in memories and spirit. That’s the funny thing about grief, sometimes in those moments you are as comforted by them as you are sad.

How it works is we pay throughout the year and get one week a year, usually around the March/April time (it is worked out by number of weeks!). The lodge itself is on the site of a Hilton hotel, so although you have the lodge which has everything in it you would need. You do have access to the hotel amenities including a lovely pool and spa, tennis courts, putting greens and anything else they have to offer.

It is one of the few places that I switch off immediately, being surrounded by green and fresh air my brain quiets and I feel myself zone out. There is little or no phone signal, there is wifi in the lodge but it isn’t the quickest. Other than my phone I used it as an opportunity to have a break from screens and it was wonderful, I came back refreshed and ready to take on anything. We shared the week with some good friends, and other than a spa afternoon and some clay pigeon shooting the rest of our time was filled with reading, walking (and running at some points!) eating and drinking (sorry liver!)

Below are just some of the photos I took from the week – if you are ever up In Scotland I would recommend a visit, for the walk along the river alone. If that doesn’t chill you out I am not sure what else will!

Until next time

Little Lemon xxxx


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