New Beauty Love – HD Brows

There is no doubt over the past couple of years it has been all about the brow, with brands like Benefit opening brow bars and MAC having dedicated brow events, I don’t see the brow focus dying down anytime soon!

I have always been lucky with my eyebrows, mostly due to being too terrified to pluck them as a teenager so I have been getting them waxed and shaped professionally since I was around 16, so I am in the lucky few who haven’t had to go through the painful process of growing them back after the 90’s thin brow trend! I love getting my brows done, I think it makes such a difference to your whole face and makes everything look a little neater.

Make-Up Free Me!

What I will say is, due to my fair hair and because I was a nervous kid I used to pull at the outter edges of my brow which has left them a bit sparse, so although the front of my brows are quite thick the outter point isn’t very visible. Without a trusty eyebrow pencil I kind of look like I have half eyebrows which isn’t cute – trust me (see photographic evidence of me sans-make up here – eek).

I had heard about HD brows through reading other blogs and magazines and always liked the idea, however it wasn’t until a new salon opened up near me offering the service I thought I would take the plunge.


HD Brows is a completely tailored service, where your browns and face are measured out to be able to shape your brows to fit your face. It has been boasted as having similar effects to an eye lift, giving your face more definition. It combines a mix of tweezing, threading, waxing and tinting to create perfect ‘HD’ worthy brows – so does it live up to the hype?

Well as no doubt you can tell from the title of this post – I am hooked! The whole experience was wonderful, the therapist explained how she would measure out my brows and told me exactly what she was going to take away and why and ensured I was happy before breaking out the wax. I much prefer getting my brows waxed than threaded (it hurts so much more!) but she used a combination of all methods to ensure they were perfect. She also explained they only thread in the direction of the hair so it doesn’t hurt as much, and she was right it was pretty much painless. The colouring process takes minutes and doesn’t hurt or tingle at all – what I will say is that it is important to get a patch test before you get any type of tinting done!

The end result – well this photo is as soon as I came back from the salon – so as you can IMG_2437see I look a little swollen and red but these brows contain NO PRODUCT – which is amazing right? I did also invest in the HD brow pencil in the shade she had coloured my brows so as the tint wears off I could do a bit of filling in, it has now been nearly 3 weeks and although the colour has faded not half as much as I expected.

I had booked my return to get it done again before I had even left the salon – they suggest every 4-5 weeks. As for cost, without the pencil purchase it cost me £35 which I think is amazing value, and don’t get me started on how much time it has saved me in the mornings when getting ready!! If you are limited on budget and don’t have a lot to spend at salons for treatments I would highly recommend investing in your brows over anything else – it’s well worth it!

Until next time

Little Lemon xxx


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