Pretty Honest – Sally Hughes- Book Review

downloadThis book for me was a revelation, so much so in fact I now have a hardback version and a kindle version to read on the go! Written by Sally Hughes, beauty guru and frequent contributor to many, many beauty blogs and magazines this book is a one stop beauty shop answering all your questions and queries about the world of beauty and makeup.

What I loved the most about it? The sheer unapologetic way she talks about her love for make-up and in fact, all things beauty. This is something I have struggled with myself – with the fear of judgement over my infatuation of beauty, the joy I get from a new lipstick or trying out a new eyeshadow and loving it. I genuinely love the entire process of my beauty routine in the morning and putting on my makeup, putting on my war paint to face the day ahead!

Now don’t get me wrong – I can happily leave the house without make-up, I don’t see it as a crutch or a necessity – for me it’s a joy to apply and I genuinely love it.

My feelings on beauty are very closely aligned with Sally’s – and this book really is a must have for any of you who are the same. There is something for everyone in this book of all ages, from chapters on young skin to mature skin and acne (which we all know sadly can strike at any time!). It covers the perfect wedding make-up tips, skincare must-haves, gifting guides and much, much more!

I honestly can’t recommend this book enough or thank Sally Hughes for writing it, by reading it it’s given me the confidence to be a proud beauty junkie – that’s right…I am Meghan Walsh and I am a beauty-holic!

Until Next Time!

Little Lemon xxx


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