House Buying Update #3

So we have some news…. WE DID IT!!!! Following from the last post we have secured our house and have had our help to buy and mortgage approved! There is no going back now!

For those who have zero idea what is going on I’ve been blogging our experience with the whole first time buyer thing – it’s been a real learning curve! You can read the first post here and the second here!

So after a week of nervous waiting our mortgage was approved, despite having done a credit check I was still terrified that my spending habits were going to throw up something unexpected! We have chosen a two year fixed mortgage, as by two years we may be thinking about starting a family so will have to re-evaluate for differing incomes and all of that terrifying grown up stuff!

So what now – a lot of paperwork apparently! We have now got lawyers involved who have been to the site to sign off, given us paperwork for land registry as well as a lot of paperwork to ensure we weren’t money launderers (again – quite scary even though you know your innocent!).

So then what after we have signed our lives away? Well we have had to pick the ‘finishes’ for the house – now that was fun! We essentially had to pick our kitchen, floors and bathroom tiles, that kind of thing! Luckily we both agreed on a lot of it, only a small compromise on the main bathroom tiles but for a whole house I think that’s good going (before you ask of course I got my way!).

What I will say is I was amazed by the amount of choice you have when selecting your finishes. I sort of assumed you all got the same kitchen, pure white bathrooms but I was pleasantly surprised! You can pick your cabinets, worktops, handles and flooring for your kitchen – so we have gone for a grey floor and worktop combo with grey-ish/off-white cabinets which almost have a tiny hint of green in there – they are lovely! As for bathrooms there are 3 in the new house (3 toilets – I mean what?!) and what was great is you can pick a different style for each – so they can all have a different look and feel which is amazing! Our ensuite (yes you read correctly!) is a dark grey and then white marble effect tile, our main bathroom is white with a subway tile style backdrop to the bath with flecks of grey and downstairs is a sandy grey/cream style tile – all of which are lovely and we have picked a different floor for each!

Then there was carpet to choose (a nice classic dark grey/beige number) as well as picking the door matt and carpet finishes (chrome FYI). It was a full on afternoon of decision making but it felt so exciting to be putting together our dream home. Now there is tons of extras that you could buy however the only one we have opted for is a fireplace. I feel like a living room needs that focus and it’s one of the things I love about our flat, and think I would have missed it if we didn’t have one.

We still haven’t had a further date other than ‘September’ from the builders but I will let you know of any more updates shortly. I am so looking forward to doing some interior design blog posts as we go through the decorating process but for just now it’s all about saving, saving, saving as we still have plenty of fee’s to pay!

Until Next Time

Little Lemon xxx


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