New Beauty Love – LVL Lash Lift

Following my new obsession that is HD brows (read about my experience here), when having them ‘topped up’ my beautician mentioned about my lovely long lashes and asked if I had ever considered an LVL lash treatment. After asking for more details she told me the treatment straightens your natural eyelashes at the root, so unlike a traditional lash perm it creates the effect of longer, lifted lashes in just 40 minutes. They’ll stay that way for six to eight weeks and combined with some tint would make my mascara redundant – my next question…When is the next appointment!

Sure enough the following week I returned for the treatment. You lie down and have some shields applied to your under eye, right at your bottom lash line to help protect you. You then shut your eyes for curled shields to be applied to your lids which you lashes will be curled around. Your lashes are stuck to the shield with an adhesive – the process of this feels a little uncomfortable with someone digging around your lash line but it isn’t painful at all.

Then you have two solutions added to your lashes, one that smells like perm lotion from the 80’s – which is applied for about 12 minutes (during which I was treated to a gorgeous hand and arm massage!). After that is wiped off another solution is applied (much nicer, sweet smell) and that is on for around 6 minutes. Then after another clean down you have your tint applied for a further 4 minutes and then you’re done.

So to your right is the before and after picture – I couldn’t believe how long my natural IMG_2912lashes were – so long in fact I can feel them touching my face! They are very straight up as you can see – at first I wasn’t sure if I loved that look but after a couple of days they have settled and they look much more natural now!

Some things I will say, in advance of your treatment don’t wear any waterproof make-up, apparently this can hinder the curl solution which isn’t ideal. Also after having them done you can’t get them wet or use any product on them for 24 hours – so make sure you are showered and clean before you’re appointment!

The treatment usually costs around £50 dependent on the salon you go too – worth the money? I think so, mostly because I find when I wake up I feel I already look put together and don’t have to do much to leave the house – perfect!

For more information on the treatment and to find your local salon – visit –

Until next time


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