If you like Pina Colada – New Body Shop Range

IMG_2945Due to me and hubbys extravagant spending (aka buying a house) sadly a beach holiday just isn’t on the cards for us this year. I have recently be drooling over peoples Instagram’s of poolside sausage legs – fantasising about sun dresses and that delicious cocktail of sun cream smell and decedent cocktails.

But never fear because Body Shop have come out with their summer Pina Colada range which I think might be just the thing to curb those summer holiday cravings. I wish that computers have scratch and sniff technology because this stuff smells INCREDIBLE! Of course it smells like a mix of pineapple and coconut but it isn’t overly sweet, it still manages to have a nice fresh scent.

In the range I invested in the shower-gel, body butter and cream exfoliator. They also have a body sorbet in the range but with my dry skin, I went with the body butter.

The first thing I will say is I think Body Shop have updated their packaging for their shower gel and I love it – I think the new black top gives the product more of a premium feel. As for the product, it is what you would expect from the Body Shop, full of fragrance, creates great bubbles and leaves you feel clean but not stripped of moisture.

I have always been more of an intense grainy scrub fan but I was pleasantly surprised by the cream exfoliator in the range. It has a kind of whipped texture with large flakes throughout – I found I still got that scrubbed clean feeling without the dryness which is great – I am definitely a convert and I have been reaching for this over my beloved Soap and Glory breakfast scrub.

Then for the body butter, I have always been a huge fan of the body butters from The Body Shop, I am pretty sure I have tried all scents and after taking them on numerous holidays when I was younger, many of the smells remind me of very happy times. This thick, luxurious body moisturiser sinks into the skin like a dream and leaves you smelling good enough to eat, even hubby has noticed.

I can’t rave about this range enough – for me I can shut my eyes in the shower and transport myself to that beach I’ve been dreaming of – the prefect thing to lift my spirts no matter the British weather!

Until next time



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