The Fab 5 – Top tips for when you feel a bit rubbish!

So last week, I was struck down by some horrible stomach bug reuniting me with the joy that is sleeping on my bathroom floor while randomly throwing up – it was awful and left me feeling like a day old party balloon in all honesty!

As the weekend trundled on I still didn’t’ feel 100% but I didn’t want to let it go to waste, so I followed these top tips to make myself feel a little bit more human!

Breakfast_at_TiffanysWatch your feel good movie(s) – there are certain films I reach for over and over again when I am feeling a bit rubbish and need a good old cheer up. My ultimate go to films are Breakfast at Tiffanys, High Society, Alice and Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast. I sometimes mix it up with a couple of modern movies but these 4 never fail to lift my spirits – or let out a big old cry which sometimes is just what the doctor ordered!



Soak in a nice hot bath – preferably with your favourite bath products. I love a bath wheredownload I can lie back and watch YouTube videos or Netflix and waste hours. These are what I call relaxing baths (different from what I call functional baths where you wash your hair and all that jazz!) My current favourite bath product is the comforter bubble bar by lush – it smells like blackcurrant and makes your bath a stunning purple colour – you can’t beat it!


FullSizeRenderPut on a bit of slap – now I realise this might be the last thing you feel like doing but I find when I look good on the outside it helps my mental state to just feel a bit better overall – this is where my 5 product face comes in! These 5 products make you feel a little bit put together without a whole face of slap – my kit for this look are, Bare Minerals Skin Complexion Rescue to even out skin tone and add a bit of SPF coverage, Urban Decay Naked Concealer to cover up those dark circles, Hoola Bronzer by Benefit to warm up the face, Too Faced Blush in Candy Glow to give my face some colour and Rimmels Volume Colourist mascara which is perfect for a light fluttery eye look – not a clump in sight.


Drink plenty of water!! I know this sounds simple but it’s amazing what a download (1)difference it can make – especially if you have been poorly. Got a headache and thinking of popping pills – drink a pint of water first, you will be amazed what a difference it makes! I also feels like it is helping flush away any bugs or nasties in your system.



download (2)Get Active – well a little anyway! I am by no way saying if you’re not feeling 100% you should be pumping iron in the gym, what I’m talking about is a short walk outside in the fresh air or even 15 minutes of yoga – something to get your blood pumping and legs moving. I often find that when you feel poorly you just want to curl up on the sofa and at first that’s great but I think if you stay there all day it can actually make you feel worse, so break up the movies with a bit of a walk, even if it’s to the shops round the corner or round the block – honestly you’ll feel better for it.

So I hope these tips help you if you’re feeling a bit like the poo emoji – and if you have any nuggets of gold that you use to help you feel more like yourself – please share below!

Until next time



  1. My one sure fire is to wear a bright top or scarf. The bright colour has a psychological effect making you feel much brighter than you are xx


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