Nutrition Natter – The joys of lemon water!

As some of you who have been reading this blog for a while, I have found myself embroiled in several debates around the areas of nutrition. Are carbs the devil? All bad treats should be cut out forever and go cold turkey, the 5:2 diet is the way forward…I found myself debating and defending the ‘little bit of what you fancy does you good’ philosophy, but what I didn’t have were the facts.

So, not to do anything by halves I decided to enrol myself on a personal diploma on nutrition – which I have now completed (with distinction) and have moved onto the advanced course. Now I feel more confident in being able to properly advise people about healthy choices – so I thought I would do a serious on my blog about some quick and easy tips to lead a healthier lifestyle!


For the first instalment if you will I want to share my love for lemon water… yes you read correctly but hear me out! I have now been drinking hot water and lemon most mornings for around 3 months and I can genuinely say it has made a significant difference in so many ways.


Firstly, I have found that I have cut down my caffeine consumption significantly – I am not longer choking for a coffee in the morning, I feel alert enough to go without!


It also helps with digestion – not to get graphic but it definitely helps to keep things regular! It is a great detoxifier which kick starts your metabolism every day – honestly if you have any digestive disorders – something as simple as hot water lemon everyday could change your life!


I have also found it has made a real difference to my skin, my skin hasn’t been this good in years. Yes, I invest (heavily!) in my skincare but I believe that my skin really cleared and looked much more radiant around the time I started my new morning routine! Even at that time of the month I find I no longer have hormonal breakouts!


There is many more things I can say about this delicious (yes – it actually tastes amazing!) drink – I could get technical about how it promotes alkaline in the body so you stay balanced – but below are some further websites about the benefits – enjoy!



Until next time



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