Monthly Fav’s – May!

So another month has gone and I can’t believe we are about to venture into the half way point of the year, it’s insane! May was a full on month, we part exchanged on our house (eek!), celebrated hubby turning 33 and some fun times with friends. But below are my 5 picks for things which really stood out to me this month!

IMG_2891Eat Well, Move Better, Feel Awesome – The Lean Machines Book

Leon Bustin and John Chapman are YouTube Fitness royalty and have an excellent channel full of recipes and workouts, so when I heard they were releasing a book I instantly clicked the order button on Amazon and I wasn’t disappointed! What I really love about this book is the general lifestyle section at the front which focuses on not beating yourself up, and how we label some food as ‘bad food’ which demonises it and leads to you feeling even more guilty if you fall off the wagon – when did we get so hard on ourselves? I also applaud the pair, who write about anxiety in a real way, through my struggles I have read a lot about anxiety and they are some of the people that write about it in a relatable way. Then there is the recipes – which are easy to follow and don’t have an ingredients list as long as your arm to buy or things that you will only get in a health food shop with a hefty price tag. So far my fav’s have been the veggie bean chilli and the oatmeal raisin cookies – which I made for a get together and went down a storm! I haven’t braved a workout yet – but I have no doubt they are going to kick my ass in the best way possible!

image1xxlBenefit – Dream Screen

As the weather is heating up (well…sort of) and as I have gotten older, the need and importance for wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is huge. In years gone by I have relied on any SPF that as in the products I used on my face, and if they didn’t have any in I didn’t really notice or do anything to protect my skin. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that one of the biggest skincare secrets is to protect your skin! Despite being Scottish, I have quite sallow skin (thanks dad!) and a tan quite easily and very rarely get burnt, but it is still imperative no matter what skin type you are to protect yourself! So this month I invested in Benefits Dream Screen and I love it. It has become a staple in my skincare/makeup routine. I apply this after I’ve let my moisturiser sink in, it’s a thin consistency, applies like a dream and doesn’t leave any white film on the skin. If anything it acts as a great base for makeup – it leaves your skin feeling super silky soft and with SPF 45 – you’re covered for the day!

IMG_2856Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette

If you read my blog this should be no surprise to you – I LOVE this palette and it is the perfect set of shadows for spring. From gorgeous sparkly taupes, gorgeous pink’s and pastels and the most delicious olivey green colour which I have been using so much! If you want to read me gush about this palette even more – check out its dedicated post here!



IMG_2945Body Shop – Pina Colada Range

Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise – this new range from the Body Shop is summer holiday and cocktails in a smell. In the absence of a summer holiday this year I will be taking great pleasure in shutting my eyes in the shower and letting the pineapple and coconut scent transfer me to a warmer, sunnier place!!! Again if you want to read more about what I have bought in the range – check this post out.


IMG_3747-1030x772Psycle London

This was my new fitness foray this month, and I am addicted. Psycle London are a group of spin studios with a difference. The class are held in dark, nightclub-esque rooms and the biggest difference, a pair of weights which really do help give you a full body workout. Now before the class I was TERRIFIED – I genuinely didn’t think my fitness would hold up and I would…well collapse in a sweaty heap crying my eyes out! But, I survived and now I am hooked. The pumping music, flashing lights and motivational speeches being shouted at you make a heady combination which leaves you feeling hyper and pumped. Now don’t plan on making any plans after because you will be SWEATY! You really do feel like you’ve had a serious cardio workout. I also loved the studio as a whole, it has a premium feel and the people that work there are so friendly (must be all the endorphins) and were so sweet when I confessed my fitness fears! I went to the Canary Wharf branch, but next week me and my bestie will be venturing to a different branch, which I am sure will be just as impressed!

Until next time


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