Need a little skin boost? Clarins has got you covered – Review

We all have our skin care routines which work for us, but I sometimes feel like my needs can change week by week and even day by day, depending on what’s going on at that exact moment in my life.  Now as much as I love investing in my skincare I think it is a bit much to be switching it up on a weekly basis – so when I heard about Clarin’s boosters it was exactly what I was looking for!

The range has 3 gorgeous mini bottled boosters – Energy, Repair and Detox each to combat a specific need. Detox is for those party animals who are partial to a drink or two on a frequent basis – this is like hangover insurance for your skin! It plumps the skin and sorts out dull complexions. Repair is for those who maybe live in more extreme climates and are exposes to sun and either vvery hot or cold weather, it helps with redness and feelings of discomfort and skin tightness.

I however went for the Energy booster – this one promises reviving radiance, minimise signs of fatigue and looks at tone and reenergizing the skin, After speaking with the Clarins consultant she asked if I worked at a screen (tick), hectic lifestyle (tick at the moment) and can help with things like jet lag and combatting late nights – all thanks to an intense shot of ginseng.

You can add 3 -5 drops into your masks, foundation or into your daily moisturiser which is what I have been doing. I have been using this for about a month now, I find I have reached for it on the odd morning when I’ve felt sleep hasn’t been on my side, or when I’ve had a long day at work the day before and my skin is looking a little grey. You add so little it has no noticeable smell and it doesn’t change consistency of my daily moisturiser but I do feel that my skin looks brighter and a lot smoother after using it!

I think I may invest in the other options – I think detox will be great for hiding those late night Wednesday wines leading to puffy skin and the repair one would be great on holidays to give your skin more love and affection after sunny days. Also at £30 it is an easy and potentially more affordable way to boost your high street face cream!

Until next time


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