The Fab 5 – Unsung Beauty Hero’s


Now, I can write post after post about my latest foundation crush, eyeshadow swoon or mascara must have but we all have those tried and tested products that we buy time and time again – which get little or no air time. These products aren’t the sexy ones, they aren’t Instagram worthy but without them our daily routines would be lacking. I wanted to share with you my mix of skincare, lifestyle and bit and pieces I can’t live without.

  1. Magnesium Oil Goodnight Mineral Spray

This is one for the gym bunnies out there or anyone who has recently gotten into exercising. I don’t know about you but I find even if I work out in the morning I struggle with restless muscles when it comes time for bed. I find my brain is exhausted but I toss and turn and my body is still awake- but a couple of sprays of this oil and I naturally float off to sleep by helping ease muscles and stops any twitching. You can get several variations of this spray but I swear by the goodnight one – combined with lavender and camomile which helps me drift off. The oil doesn’t bug my skin and easily dries in – so it’s super easy to use. This also doesn’t break the bank at around the £10 – £15 mark from amazon! What isn’t there to love.

  1. TCP

Possibly the unsexist item on the list but I never don’t have a bottle of this near me when I’m getting ready. It is so multi-use – I use it to clean my earrings, any cuts and scrapes and it is the ultimate spot zapper! Dab some on a popped spot and I swear the next day it will be dried up and barely noticeable – I’ve used this trick for years and it beats all the other alternatives!

  1. Cotton Buds

I ran out of these the other day and when I was doing my make-up I went into a small meltdown! Again – I use these daily for all sorts of things. I use it to dab that trust TCP on problem areas and rather naughtily use them to clean my ears (which I know is so no no but I hate the feeling of water in my ears!).  But these little buds of wonder really come into their own when coating with micellar water for fixing all manner of makeup mistakes! Smudged mascara – sorted, Dodgy winged liner – no problem, lip liner mishap – taken care of! Honestly I would be lost without these!

  1. Bio-Oil

This is a new one for my unsung hero’s stash – but I don’t know what I did without it! I bought a bottle of this after an unfortunate accident with some idiot pushing me over on the tube escalators. This resulted in a bad bump on the head and very, very cut up legs. With the weather heating up and people getting their legs out I was gutted – it looked like I had been mauled by a tiger! After they had healed I started to apply the bio-oil daily and I really saw a difference after a couple of weeks. The scars aren’t as raw looking as they were and I feel confident to get my pins out when the weather gets warmer – so that to me is a winner! I also was putting some on my arms where I get such stubborn dry, bumpy patches and it has made a difference there too! It even helped calm down some stubborn spot scarring on my face – all round it’s a winner!

  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm

This is hands down – the best lip balm I have ever owned, and trust me I’ve owned a lot! I was finding due to my liquid lipstick obsession that my lips weren’t that happy with me – they were dry and cracked and no matter how much of other lip balms I put on, they just weren’t hitting the spot. Then came along this beauty and it is off the scale! It is a thick lip balm with a mentol minty tingle, but it has real lasting power. I pop this on at bedtime and when I wake up I can still feel it on my lips which is amazing. Saying that, it is thick but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips at all. One night with this on and my lips were so much better and my lipstick went on like a dream the next day – I will be repeat buying this time and time again!

So those are my beauty unsung heros – the products that underpin my whole routine – without them I would be a bit lost! I am glad that I’ve managed to give them their moment in the sun!

Until next time


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