My Current Nude Lip Love

I don’t think you can beat a nude lip – it is the little black dress of the makeup world. No matter the eye look, hair or outfit a perfect nude lip makes me feel a little more like I’ve got my shit together! The search for the perfect nude lip takes some of us years, and I remember desperately trying to nail it before my wedding before I went down the mauve root (I went for Mac Mher in case you want to know!).

IMG_3044But we can now call of the search because I think I have nailed it! Don’t get me wrong, this combo is nothing ground breaking, to be honest I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find it. Let me introduce you to Mac’s hard hitting combo – Spice lip liner and Honey Love lipstick.

This is the perfect pure nude shade – it’s not too brown, it’s not too pink or peachy, it is a shade I think that would be universally flattering. The spice liner is a tad darker than the lipstick but after combining them it really come together for the perfect look.


This combo hasn’t left my handbag since it was purchased – even hubby has commented on it which can only be a good thing!


If any of you have some great nude combos which you think can knock my Mac duet off the top spot?

Until next time



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