A Little Lush Haul

In the past year I have rediscovered and fallen back in love with all things lush! You will be hard pushed to find me clambering in a bath without a bubble bar or bath bomb joining me. So when my basket by the bath was running a little low there was only one thing to do, so I stopped by lush in Liverpool Street which is a compact store but stocks all the best sellers. So here is what I got!

Bubble Bars

Karma (left)– this is a new one for me but I had heard good things and was informed by the sales assistant that it is lush’s signature scent. It is a mix of orange and patchouli and turns your bath a gorgeous deep purple tone. It also has a slight lavender scent undertone which is so lovely – this is the perfect bubble bar to pop in the bath before bed for winding down of an evening – definitely a potential new favourite.

Green (right)– I can’t tell you how gorgeous this smell is – it is a mix of citrus smells and what smells like freshly cut grass.  It has bergamot to lift mood and a mix of avocado and shea butter to help leave you feeling super soft after. This range are similar to bubble bars but they are actually called bubbleroons so they might not create as many bubbles but you will be relaxed and silky smooth!


Bath Bombs

IMG_3145Lava Lamp – This is another new buy for me and is a delicious combination of mandarin, tangerine and orange flower and has 100% traceable cocoa butter so another great one for us dry skin gals! Also apparently this turns your bath orange with purple bubbles bobbing in your bath – can’t wait to try this out!


IMG_3151Intergalactic – I am not going to lie – I have seen this one in water and it looks so colourful and amazing which was the main reason for this purchase! I also loved its gorgeous minty aroma – and apparently there is popping candy involved – what’s not to love!



IMG_3144Avobath – this is one of my ultimate favourite bath bomb I think. It is a gorgeous mix of lemongrass, bergamot, avocado oil and olive oil. It isn’t the strongest smelling but it makes your skin feel so soft and amazing after. It also has actual mashed up avocado in it so it’s amazing for dehydrated skin! If you were only able to pick up one bath bomb – I highly recommend this one!


IMG_3150Frozen – apparently just plonking this blue wonder in your bath will help you let it go (see what they did there?) I thought this one would smell minty fresh but it contains a lovely mix of rose and neroli giving it an uplifting fragrance. I love the icy blue this makes your bath – you can almost pretend you’re in a gorgeous blue swimming pool on holiday (I’m still mourning my lack of summer holiday can you tell?)

So that was my little lush haul – hope you enjoy and if you need me… I’ll be in the bath!

Until next time



  1. I’m totally like you, I’ve only just recently started buying Lush products again (many because they are more natural than most products) but I’ve found this blog post super helpful, and an excuse to spend money 😉 I’d love it if you would check out my blog too – lovefrombellablog.wordpress.com – Bella x


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