Starskin – Smoothing Bio Cellulose Eye Masks – First Impressions

FullSizeRenderI had recently seen a lot of instagrams and beauty bloggers waxing lyrical about the joy of eye masks – so when in Topshop having a mooch around the Starskin eye masks caught my eye so I thought I would them a go.

These claim to be intensely hydrating, wrinkle smoothing, reduce puffiness, brighten dark circles and reviving fatigue – a lot of two little eye pads!

My initial impression was good lord they are slimy – I mean super slippy and slidey! I initially tried to pop these on without a mirror and I soon realised that they were just slipping all over the place but once I got them to stay still where they were supposed to be, they didn’t move too much.

You are supposed to keep them on for around 10 – 15 minutes, while on they feel really comfortable, they don’t dry down or harden (like those creepy nose strips) and they feel really cooling on the skin. Even after you remove the pads – the gorgeous cooling sensation continues on – making your eyes feel so refreshed.

Instant impressions after use – my eyes feel super fresh and you can see a noticeable reduction of puffiness. The area feels super hydrated and soft and smooth – it hasn’t eradicated my wrinkles and I wouldn’t say my dark circles have disappeared (sadly!).

So overall I wouldn’t say that they delivered on all of their promises on first use – but as a special pamper they feel very indulgent and refreshing – I can imagine after a late night or if you’re feeling particularly tired they would be a great pick me up, and for the price of £8.50 for 2 sets I think they are worth a go!

Until next time!


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