The Fab 5 – My Favourite YouTubers

In the past year I have gotten into watching YouTubers in a BIG WAY. I now genuinely get excited on upload days (I have started to know certain YouTubers schedules – I mean wowzers) and I love nothing more than grabbing a cuppa and watching all things make-up, beauty, homeware based for a while. My favourite videos to watch are monthly favourites, makeup tutorials, what’s in my handbag and what I eat in a day videos – anything that allow me to be super nosy really!  I have watched a whole range of YouTubers and I still keep finding new people to subscribe too and like – but below are my top people to check out if you are new to watching videos online and want some inspiration!

  1. Lilly Pebbles –

Lilly is probably my ultimate favourite YouTuber because she seems so true to herself and she seems really honest. Her reviews and first impressions are always so in-depth and honest – I genuinely trust her opinion. I also love how she mixes up her content – from homeware to fashion to lifestyle and videos on discussion topics like her fear of flying (which I SO sympathised with!). I also feel she isn’t as materialistic as a lot of other YouTubers come across – she isn’t trend led and likes what she likes and I think that’s awesome.

  1. Vivianna Does Makeup –

Anna was a close second when it came to favourites – I love her videos and think her editing in particular is great, but where she really shines in Snapchat. She is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh! If you want a good range of beauty, lifestyle hacks and tips and a bit more focus on food and fitness then you should check her out! She gets up at 5am for the gym – she is my fitness morning inspiration!

  1. Jim Chapman –

I thought I would add a man in the mix and Jim Chapman is not only ridiculously handsome, but he is funny and laid back too. His daily vlogs are always really honest and fun – especially as they usually focus on his gorgeous dog Martha who is the cutest thing ever! I also really love his style – I’ve been trying to get my husband to watch some of his fashion videos to get some inspiration!

  1. Fleurdeforce –

Fleur is like my super cool big sister I slightly want to always copy (even though she is younger than me!) She is sophisticated and tends to focus on more high end makeup, fashion and lifestyle purchases. She always seems very put together and her monthly new in make-up videos are some of my favourites, although I tend to watch them and end up with a shopping wish list as long as my arm! I also love her vlogs in which she travels a lot and spends time with her lovely husband and gorgeous doggies! A great all-rounder to watch if you like to go towards the high end scale of things!

  1. Jaclyn Hill –

This is my only US YouTuber on my list but man alive – what I would give to be best friends with Jaclyn Hill. She is a true rags to riches story but she has lost none of her humility. Originally a mac makeup artist she is now collaborating on some insane products including my all-time favourite highlighter Champagne Pop by Becca (which I have raved about in several posts!). Her tutorials are serious makeup goals and maybe not for the everyday look but I love her because she is hilarious! I mean I have been laughing out loud at her chatty videos before, she is brilliant. The way she says ‘slaaayy hunnnneyyy’ kills me every time – also another one you should follow on snapchat – Jaclyn and her girlfriends – serious squad goals.

So those are my favourite YouTubers – you should go check them out but please don’t blame me when you’ve wasted hours of your life on the internet!

Until next time!


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