What’s in my Handbag – New Hobbs Handbag Edition!

FullSizeRender (4)A couple of weeks ago I was treated to a gorgeous new handbag by one of my favourite British brands Hobbs London.  Let me introduce you to the Adlington Satchel. It is gorgeous I can’t tell you how much I love it! It is in a tumbled leather making it really hard wearing and there is a gorgeous adjustable strap detail with two gorgeous buckles, I find this is the perfect cross body length. I chose the orange colourway as I really wanted a bag to brighten up and give that pop of colour to any outfit. I did slightly waver thinking I should have gone more neutral – but I have found it has gone with so many outfits and brings a really funky twist. It does also come in navy too!

FullSizeRender (3)The bag itself is just the perfect size, for years I’ve struggled the small bag versus big bag debate and this lands somewhere in the middle. It has some great compartments inside to really help keep your on the go belongings neat and tidy – there is also a great compartment at the back which is super handy. There is also a great strip inside with a clip on the end which you could add a pom pom too or a small inside pouch for your make up essentials! I can’t recommend this handbag enough – which I think is a total steal at £99 making it a great middle of the road price but also a wonderful price for a real leather bag.

So that’s the bag – so what do I carry around with me on a daily basis! What is great is this bag has made me cut down the amount of rubbish I carry around which was a challenge at first but now everything I carry around is put to use!

Let me start with the back zip pocket where I keep my lip stash! I have a nude option and a red option so I have all basis covered! Currently coming around with me are Mac’s Brave a gorgeous mauve nude lip and I’ve been layering that with Rimmels ‘Oh My Gloss’ in Purrfect – which has been a great go to look. I’ve also got a Rimmel exaggerate red lipliner and the red shade of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour which is a great drugstore liquid lipstick – I highly recommend.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Now into the first main compartment in the bag – this is where I hide all my daily essentials – including my purse which is a small one from Accessorize which is great for a smaller bag! Then my keys which look a bit gross let’s not lie! This was a gorgeous pink pompom I originally bought to help find my keys at the bottom of some of my larger handbags! Sadly it’s been attacked by the cat and has just rolled around the bottom of my bag and its looking a bit sorry for itself! I also carry around my work office pass (which I’ve turned round for protection reasons – sorry!) and my go to scent at the moment from the Library of Fragrance. This is their Sea Salt smell which smells like walk on the beach – it’s just amazing and I’ve had so many compliments! I want to get the coconut smell from them to layer up so I will smell like a beach holiday!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Now to the secondary, slightly smaller pouch at the front of the bag. This is mostly taken up with my small umbrella – yes it is supposedly summer but as we are in the UK it can be gorgeously sunny one moment and pouring down the next so you have to be prepared! Speaking of being prepared I also have the new release from Bioderma and its there Hydrablo Eau de Soin hydrating SPF 30 spray. Over the past couple of months I have really been conscious of wearing SPF on a daily basis to protect my skin, I have been using Benefits Dream Screen in the morning under my makeup but if I have then been out walking towards the end of the day and I feel I like to top up that’s where this spray is brilliant. It is lovely and hydrating and doesn’t move your makeup and gives you an extra SPF boost – what isn’t to love! Next is my Anker portable charger for my iPhone – we all know the struggle of the battery life but this cute portable charger has at least 3 full charges and has got me out of many an emergency, also it’s great to pass onto others in need – it makes you look like you’ve got your shiz together! The iPhone charger cable of course goes hand in hand with this but it also lets me charge my phone or take photos of my phone on my work laptop if I need to! Last but not least is my Soap & Glory hand sanitizer – this is a no brainer in London and when you get the tube everyday – you need to keep clean, it’s a germy city!!!


FullSizeRenderLast but not least is the back open pocket – which I simply use for my oyster card holder (also from Hobbs and I LOVE the combo of the bright pink and orange!). I also keep my phone in this pocket when I’m on the go and my headphones (both of which I am using right now hence why they aren’t photographed).


So that is everything that I carry around with me on a daily basis – if you think this could be your new bag for the summer then you can click here to find it on the Hobbs website!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!


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