Nutrition Natter – Beating PMT Cravings

So we have all been there – an excellent run of healthy eating and then PMT strikes and suddenly you find yourself on the sofa feeling slightly sick from eating an entire tub of ice cream and several chocolate bars. Now I am a total savoury person – but I am not immune to those sweet cravings that come hand in hand with ‘That Time’.

So why do we crave all the sweet treats when it’s ‘That Time’? There are many theories out there blaming culture, psychology but there is some truth in it being all about those damn hormones. Let me get technical for a minute…as ovulation occurs and estrogen fluctuates, so do your other hormones. The body reacts by trying to balance out the hormones. Cortisol, the stress hormone, often increases. Serotonin, on the other hand, known as the feel-good hormone, can be increased by exercise, as well as eating some foods. You may crave simple carbs, sugars and fats when serotonin is low, as these foods can elevate serotonin quickly—and briefly.

So what is a girl to do – healthy eating versus the hormone gremlins? Well – below is one of my bespoke recipes and some other snacks I like to have on hand for when those sweet cravings hit!

My Cocoa and Coconut Power Balls!

I have made a lot of recipes of various power balls so I thought I would give my own a go – below is the recipe for around 7 balls but it is super easy to double up!


  • 2 x Tbsp Nut Butter (I use Pip & Nut Almond and Coconut to add a little extra coconut-ness!)
  • 2 x Tbsp Maple Syrup (Make sure you buy the organic original kind otherwise it will contain refined sugars)
  • 1 x Tbsp Cocoa Nibs (these are super bitter and dark so don’t go overboard!)
  • 1 x Tbsp Desicated Coconut
  • 1 x Tbsp Chai Seeds
  • 3 x Tbsp Oats
  •  xTbsp Puffed Brown Rice


  1. On the hob mix together the nut butter, maple syrup and cocoa nibs in a pan – these wont melt like regular chocolate, its more to mix it all together.
  2. Add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly – it won’t look particularly appetising at this stage but it tastes good – trust me!
  3. Let it cool then roll into balls and that’s it!

If you don’t have time or the ingredients to make these bad boys then below are some other snacks which I rely on to get me through the day!


Nakd Bars – Coco Crunch

These are great bars sold in 4 packs in most super markets. These contain no refined sugar or nasties and are great for popping in your handbag for when hunger strikes! These are great for taking away a sweet craving – the cashew cookie one is another of my favourites!


Hangry Bars – Cranky Coco

I found out about these bars thanks to my sourced box (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a great subscription service to all healthy snacking, it’s a great way to find out new brands). The ‘Cranky Coco’ one is particularly good and is totally nasties free!


Pana Chocolate Bar – Cherry and Vanilla

But if none of the above cut it and real chocolate is what you need – then there are TONS of good quality raw chocolate bars on the market now – this one is delicious and is no dairy, soy, gluten and most importantly – no refined sugar!

So those are my top tips and recipe to get over those time of the month chocolate cravings!


Until next time


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