June Favourites Time!

So I don’t know about you but it seems that June just vanished in front of my eyes! This month has been a crazy one at work for me, this is one of my busy peaks so I’ve found I’ve been trying to keep it low key on weekends and evenings. I’ve been really into my fitness this month, I’ve been doing Yoga twice a week and trying to squeeze in a cardio session in there – with Psycle or an at home session with a dvd. That being said I’ve got some good solid favourites this month – so let’s get into my top 5 things for June!


  1. Orange is the New Black – Netflix

So if you haven’t watched OITNB then seriously, where have you been? The 4th season launched on the 17th of June and I am already halfway through. If you haven’t seen it then it is the story of a women’s prison and the background stories of the characters and the inner politics and game playing going on amongst inmates and the prison workers. The main character is Piper who goes into prison and throughout the series how she adapts and her experiences. It is a gritty at times hilarious show – a must see.


  1. St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil

So I love having that golden glow – and as there is no sunshine holiday currently planned in my future the only way for me to get that is currently out of a bottle! I don’t mind tanning and love the results but I like to shower in the evenings, so with classic formulas that you have to put on and leave on overnight sometimes just don’t work in my routine. Plus they stain your bedsheets which is a bit frustrating! So when I came across this dry oil which you can apply, let dry and dress and go I was sold. I love the St Tropez formula and always have done – and this is no exception. On application it gives you a hint of colour and shimmer (perfect for bare legs!) and it develops into a lovely golden tan. The only small negative is the formula is really runny so applying it can be tricky – I’ve resulted to applying in the bath to avoid drips on any bedding/carpets!


  1. Mac Burgundy Nine Shadow Set

Now this is a favourite this month but I actually purchased this Mac shadow set months ago but I rediscovered it and have found it’s been my go too for eye looks this month. This palette is full of neutral, taupe, purple shades which I find are really complimentary to my brown eyes. The colours included are Honey Lust, Poppyseed, Quarry, Antiqued, Embark, #Noir, Haux, Star Violet and Sketch. My look has been Poppyseed all over the lid, Emark in the crease with Honey Lust in the inner corners to brighten up the look – pare it with some liquid liner, black mascara and a nude lip and you’re good to go!


  1. L’Oréal Infallible 24-Hour Matte Foundation – Natural Rose

Now normally I am not a huge fan of matte foundations – I find they look cakey and they blank out all your features. So what made me reach for this? Well London has been so muggy I have been finding my makeup is just slipping off and is breaking up around my nose where I get a little…sweaty! This foundation is insane and no matter how hot it is, it doesn’t budge! Also don’t be put off by the fact it says it is matte, it still looks like your skin just more flawless! It definitely is on the higher coverage side but I find using a small amount topped up with concealer is the perfect coverage for a full on day in the office!


  1. Best Fiends Game – App Store

Oh man. I have an addition. I have never really been one for getting addicted to games on my phone – in fact I was one of the few people who just didn’t get the whole Candy Crush thing. Oh, how times have changed! This game is simple… you get bugs of different colours and the idea is to get a stream of colours in a row to attack giant slugs. Yes – sounds odd but it is so addictive!!! I have found this has been absorbing my commute at the moment, although be warned it rinses your phones battery!

So those are the things I’ve been loving this month – comment below with any recommendations or things you have been obsessed with!

Until next time


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