The Soundtrack of my Life… (So far)

So my latest guilty pleasure has been listening to back dated podcasts of Desert Island Discs. I have found it the ultimate way to relax in a hot bubbly bath or while on a post lunch stroll – I find Kirsty Young’s voice so therapeutic and I love the insight into new and sometimes raw areas of people’s lives.

It also got me thinking – what would me disc’s be if anyone asked? Everyone gets 8 discs – but as I am only 30 I figured by this stage 4 discs set in stone would probably be the right amount.

These are songs that I love and also transport me to another time, a reminder of family of friends and happy times.

  1. I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You – Elvis Presley

My dad was a huge Elvis fan and I remember many road trip listening to his albums – and this song most of all reminds me of watching my mum and dad dance while on our annual holiday to Ibiza. We used to go on the same evening excursion – to a gorgeous house to eat a feast of meat and veggies all cooked under the ground under the stars. After the most incredible lemon meringue pie we would sit and listen to their local cover group ‘Sean and John’ singing the classics, of which this was one of them. Mum and Dad were always first on the dance floor but this song sticks in my head – I remember thinking ‘ I want to be that happy with someone’ – often they used to invite me up and we would dance as a three. Even thinking about it now makes me smile and feel emotional all at the same time.

  1. When you Wish Upon a Star – Disney’s Pinocchio

So if you’re new to my blog – I am Meghan and I love Disney – always have done and never ever grew out of it. This song is the start to all Disney movies to this day and every time I hear it I get goosebumps. Family movie days, trips to Disneyland Paris as a kid – the memories are endless. I also remember my mum singing this to me when I couldn’t sleep – a tradition I hope to continue with my children.

  1. Moon River – Audrey Hepburn

As soon as you hear this song you think ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ which is my all-time favourite film.  I watch it every time I’m sad, happy or if I just don’t know what to watch. I love everything about it – I always felt a strong connection to Holly Golightly – she’s just a bit wayward and random and independent, and at times of my life I feel I have and still am a funny combination of those things. I love this song and the film so much that I walked down the aisle to this at my wedding.

  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel

This song was the first dance at my wedding to my incredible husband. I remember when we were trying to decide what song to have – he played me this lying in bed one night and I just burst into tears. The words were so touching and sweet I knew it would be perfect. The moment this song came on at the wedding and we started dancing I swear we were the only people in the room – it is my favourite moment of the entire day.


So those are the songs which I think sum up my life so far….

What songs do you think sum up your lives so far?

Until next time x


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