My Current Brow Routine

So I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel truly put together if my eyebrows aren’t looking on point. I rigorously get them HD’d every 5 weeks which was without a doubt the best thing I have discovered this year (I wrote about it here).

But despite them being neat and tidy I do still like to do a little more to make them seem a bit fuller and set in place so they are good to go all day long!

I had been religiously using the HD brow pencil in Vixen but I was tempted and intrigued by the new brow launches by Benefit – so I just had to test them out!

I invited in the Goof Proof brow pencil and the 3D Brow Tones – both in shade 4 (I like my brows dark!). Firstly I love the new packaging of the entire range, it is all gorgeous metallic silver which really make it stand out in my makeup bag.

Let’s start with the pencil – firstly I love the fact it has a spooly on one end and then the small triangle shaped pencil on the other. The pencil is very pigmented and soft so you need an incredibly light touch for a natural looking brow, but don’t fear you can use the spooly to brush out any excess you find! It is fine enough for you to add in some individual brow hairs at the front of your brow – and I love that it’s a twist up pencil so no sharpening required! Overall I really love this pencil – it is easy to use and lasts and lasts once you set it in place.


Next the 3D Brow tones which have had a lot of hype on the internet – and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The general concept is that your hair is not matte, it has natural highlights and a certain sheen – so can help if you’ve been a little heavy handed to lighten up your brows and make them seem all round more natural, oh and it’s waterproof apparently!

So in theory I loved the concept, and don’t get me wrong it holds my place all day so as a setting gel it is great. As for the tones thing I just struggle to see it – I don’t know if maybe I should have bought the lighter shade (It comes in shade 2 and shade 4) so that it gave lighter highlights.  I will continue to use it but I may think of investing in the lighter shade in the future to see if I can notice a difference.

So overall a little hit and miss – but this is just a small part of a really large collection of products. I would like to try the ‘gimmie brow’ for a light weekend look!

Until next time xxx



  1. Gimme brow is a freebie with Glamour and Marie Claire atm. Picked it up and had it on today.
    Goes on like a dream! I also have the pencil, just not he double ended version and i have to say I love it! 🙂


  2. I’ve been looking for new eyebrow products and this has definitely caught my attention!

    I’m new to the blogging world and this is great inspiration 😍


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