Girls – Emma Cline – Book Review

Ever wonder what it would be like growing up in the 1960’s California – well Emma Clines Girls takes you on that journey through the eyes of Evie. She is stuck between a number of broken relationships. Struggling with the breakdown of her relationship with her mother due to her new boyfriend and feeling like her old best friend and her are drifting apart. Not feeling like she fits in anywhere, she meets Suzanne. The descriptive writing of Evie’s inner monologue as she explores an almost obsession with Suzanne is captivating and I believe is a feeling that a lot of us can relate too – idolising older more worldly girls!

After a few chance meetings Evie is brought into the fold of the group – living off scavenged food, stolen items, drink and drugs. Russell heads up the group – a musician who is believed to be on the brink of fame. The group has distinct characters but what comes across is the unity of the group, a strong family who support each other, so much so the group soon conduct an manson-esque act which seems them go down in history.

The story jumps back and forth from 1969 and present day, with the experience haunting even Evie’s modern day relationships and view on the world giving the narrative a wonderful self-reflective quality.

Overall I loved this book, it was beautifully written, raw and descriptive prose which make you feel the confusion, fear and uncertainty versus the safety and feeling of belonging that plagues Evie’s differing worlds. This book is the perfect escapism back into the world of free love, sex drugs and rock and roll – what more could you want as a companion on your sun lounger?

Until Next Time xxx


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