The Fab 5 – Top Tips to Relax


You know how it goes, you rush from work to see a friend for a catch up, home to make dinner and before you know it you have flopped into bed and you haven’t taken any time to stop, wind down and relax – which no doubt results in rubbish sleep and then the vicious cycle starts over again!

I have been sucked into it – I am sure at times we all have! So when I’m feeling a little burnt out I try and do some of my favourite things to relax, so I thought I would share with you what helps me chill out!

1 – Take a bath

IMG_3559Nothing helps me zone out than running a deep warm bath, pop some candles on, wine optional of course! I love to treat myself with some bubbles and delicious smells – Lush products are my favorite – especially Butter Ball as it leaves me feeling super soft. Then I pop on a facemask – currently I am loving the Origins GinZing Refreshing face mask to really help brighten up my complexion.  Then I either listen to some music, totally zone out or catch up my YouTube viewing!

2 – Meditate 

I am a big lover of mindfulness – I would love to say I try and practice every day but sadly I haven’t stuck to it, but it’ a goal I want to reach. I find when things get too much Ii pop on my Headspace app and take 10 minutes to zone out and focus on me, how I’m feeling and clear my mind. I love the app I can’t recommend it enough – I have a subscription and they have everything from SOS guided meditations for when you’re having a meltdown and even mindful cooking – so play while you prepare dinner to bring you in the moment. It is worth every penny!


3 – Loose yourself in a book

I love reading, in case you hadn’t figured it out by the book reviews I post! I am no chick-flick girl though, I like a gritty read maybe with some twists and turns in it! I have read so many good books recently – if you’re looking for a good read for your summer get-away, check out my review of Emma Clines debut Novel Girls!

4 – Work it Out

So I know when you’re feeling stressed sometimes getting a sweat on is the last thing you want to do – but when I’ve been my most stressed nothing sorts me out like a good Psycle class! If you aren’t familiar it is a spin class with rave lights and music to match but also has some time for focusing on your goals and what you want to achieve. I have gone into classes and left feeling like a whole new person! I genuinely find sweating it out and feeling that sense of accomplishment makes me feel much more relaxed!


5 – Digital Detox

So we are all so focused on screens, deadlines and social media that sometimes it’s just too much for our heads to handle! I find that putting my phone in the other room and reminding ourselves to be present in the moment, even if your just sitting watching TV with your hubby or partner without both staring at a screen! It’s amazing how much better I sleep if I’ve not have my face in a screen right up to bedtime!

So those are my fab 5 tips for ultimate relaxation – I hope this helps you zone out every now and again and if you have any killer tips please share them below!

If you need me I’ll be in the bath…

Until next time x



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