A Day at the Races

So as time quickly goes forward, me and hubby are getting ready for leaving the city of London behind and starting a new chapter in our brand new house in the countryside, so we have been trying to make the most of our last summer in London! You know, doing those things that every year we say ‘we should so do that next year’ and then the year rolls by and you don’t do it! Well we have been trying to do as many of them as possible, which included treating ourselves to a day out at Ascot races!


Ascot is so easy to get to from London, a quick 45minute train ride out of London and a short walk and we arrived at Ascot! It was a lot bigger and grander than I imaged and was full of people – some dressed to the nines and others who took the day a little more casually, and a ton of questionably dressed hens and stags! There are set dress rules for all enclosures, no sports tops or trainers and then then some specific areas require you to wear a suit and tie and heels. We were in the Queen Ann enclosure so were free to wear what we wanted as long as we adhered to the overall dress codes.

The day was a scorcher, so I struggled a little on what to wear! How classy do you go, what is the perfect balance of comfy and classy? Thankfully Topshop to the rescue and I chose to wear this new white lace skirt from with a simple grey strappy top to avoid any questionable strap marks left by the sun! I love this skirt – it fits amazing (although I did have to size up to a 14!!) and the lining doesn’t ride up like on some others I have tried. What I love most is the sunflower detailing on the hem – this contrasts with the style of the lace on the rest of the skirt giving it a real point of difference. On my feet I chose comfort first and rocked my Topshop espadrilles which I am obsessed with at the moment! I feel they are very Chanel-esque and just add a bit of summery difference to any outfit!


Ascot allows you to bring in food and drink, limited to one bottle of fizz each (only fizz allowed – love it!) as long as you have food also, but if you didn’t want to drag a picnic with you there are plenty of eating and drinking establishments around, for fair prices at around £5 a pint and £20 for a bottle of wine – we did note the cheapest fizz they had started at £70 though!

So we pitched up our picnic rug and enjoyed a feast in the sunshine complete with fizz – we bet on each race and sadly walked away totally empty handed!! It is amazing the feeling of adrenaline you get watching the racing – you end up shouting like a mad woman – it is awesome! I used to go all the time as a little kid with my family and loved the atmosphere and nothing has changed!

Once the racing had ended we were treated to some live music by Gabrielle, Fun Lovin Criminals and Ronan Keeting – a unique mix of 90’s classics which kept us dancing as the sun went down. Then it was time to jump on a train home, a little poorer, little sunburnt but with big smiles on our faces after such a fun day.

If you get the chance I can’t recommend a trip to Ascot enough – so much fun and if you plan a relatively cheap day out (tickets for the enclosure we were in were £30 each) as long as you don’t gamble too much of course!

Until next time xxx


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