Fab 5 – Hair Styling Saviors

When it comes to my hair, I don’t invest or obsess as much as with my skincare routine – but I think that is changing.  After cutting my hair short, I could only really style it one way but now that it is a bit longer I’ve been investigating with more styles and think I am slowly getting my hair groove back!

I have recently been loving rocking a loose beachy wave, lots of texture but soft and touchable. So what products do I rely on day in day out to help with this look?


First after washing my hair, I like to give it a liberal spray when wet of the Kikui Oil anti-frizz hydrating oil – I find this gives my parched hair a bit more of a sheen and a moisture boost. Then on the mid length and ends I go for even more of frizz defence thanks to John Frieda Forever Smooth primer – now this stuff is THICK so you only need a tiny bit, I swear this bottle will keep me going for a long time! I find this keeps my curls smooth and defined.

Then I rough dry my hair and usually sleep on it to fully dry, I find this makes it much easier to work with and the curls hold better than when I fully dry and curl straight away.

Once I’ve risen and my hair is fully dry I use my GHD straighteners to put in my waves and curls – I find this looks much more natural than using a wand or barrel tong. Once finished its then about making sure the look is gorgeous all day long! First I spray a little John Frieda salt spray over my entire look, it smells divine and I love the texture it give without being crispy or overly salty like the bumble and bumble version.

IMG_3996Then to give my roosts a boost (I find they are mega flat after sleeping on it!) I use the Bastiste XXL plumping powder – this stuff is epic for holding your roots up but it does make your hair feel a little stiff, but I can get over that if it does the job! Last but not least is another Bastiste favourite – you just can’t beat some dry shampoo to finish that look and give you even more texture.

So those are my top 5 styling go-to products which have been rocking my locks recently! I love this look for summer!  What is your go to summer hair looks?

Until next time xxx



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