Nutrition Natter – Getting Back on the Healthy Eating Wagon

So last week I fell off the healthy eating band wagon pretty substantially! I basically ticked off all the no-no’s in the book – missing meals, eating processed foods, eating take-away, snacking all day every day, did no exercise and eating food I know doesn’t agree with me (hello hot pepper sauce!).

The result – I genuinely feel awful. My skin is totally freaking out, horrible painful spots all over my chin and down my neck – my eyes are puffy and I look grey. My energy levels were awful too – I felt so lethargic and run down, and despite feeling so tired I had rubbish sleep! I kept waking up in the middle of the night and struggling get back to sleep. I still feel bloated and I have definitely put on some excess weight around my middle. Also – not to get too graphic but my stomach has been seriously unhappy with me! Let’s just say it was handy for me to be near a bathroom at all times. The worst part about it is the more I ate the more I craved, it was like a horrible vicious cycle.

So, moral of the story is it’s really not worth it!  Now don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said before on this blog – I don’t think I will ever be that kind of person who eats ‘clean’ 100% of the time – but an 80/20% split is healthy. So this week it’s about getting back on the wagon and focusing on me – so below are my top tips to avoid temptation again!

  1. Prepare!

I found I definitely snacked and ate worse when I hadn’t planned my meals. I previously planned out my main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and went to the supermarket or health food store for healthy desk snacking. My current fav’s are carrots a hummus (perfect when I want crisps – the crunch satisfies me!) and rice cakes and peanut butter! Specifically Pip and Nut nut butters – so tasty!  I also sit at the start of the week to plan my meals and use left-overs for lunches. This way it takes the guessing out, meaning you don’t make quick and bad food decisions because you already know what you’re going to have! I also find using a Sunday evening to prepare food for the week where possible! You can read about my fav healthy cook books here – this is where I get a lot of inspiration from!

  1. Just get Moving

So sure enough you’re feeling lethargic and a bit pants but sometimes you just have to suck it up and get to sweating!! The realise of endorphins really is the best medicine for breeding motivation, I always find it difficult to start in a routine but when I am in one I genuinely look forward to my sweat sessions!

  1. Beat those Cravings

What I find difficult is after a spate of bad eating I get terrible cravings for naughty food at similar times. What I found really useful was keeping a note of the timings I got cravings and what for – this helped me create picture of when the cravings would appear and I could be prepared (see point 1!) with a healthy snack to counteract them before they happened! Also I find drinking water is so important – aim for at least 2 litres everyday – you will be surprised the amount of times that you think you’re hungry and your actually thirsty!

  1. Make Smart Swaps

This will be easier if you follow step 1 – but making smart swaps for food can really make a difference to your diet. Lover of carbs – try courgette or boodles (butternut squash noodles!) or switching regular potatoes for sweet potatoes. I also find as I crave crisps a lot (they are my weakness) I change out something equally crunchy to satisfy me, carrots work a treat! I also love vegetable or kale crisps, oh and spiced roasted chickpeas are delicious! There are some great snack recipes in the Clean Eating Alice book – I highly recommend!

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

So you fall off the wagon a bit again, you have a chocolate bar – you know what it’s not the end of the world! I really dislike this culture we have gotten into about ‘bad’ or ‘naughty food’. This results in us feeling guilty and hating on ourselves which is just not healthy! The key is not letting one slip to not affect the rest of the week. Acknowledged it happens, don’t worry about it and look at your next meal as a new start – easy!

So those are the practical tips that I am following this week to get me back on track this week, and hopefully feel healthier, brighter and healthier inside and out!

Until next time xxx



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