Time to Prep & Prime – The Primer Edit

With the humid weather attempting to wreak havoc on your face make-up, so I’ve been finding primer to be an essential part of making sure my skin is ready for my base and lasts while looking fresh. So which are my go to primers – well I have a few for different occasions!

Let’s start with eye primers – I have one lower end and one a bit more expensive. First the ‘Primed and Ready’ eye primer from Collection 2000 – this eye primer boasts to brighten and de-puff while also making your eye makeup last longer. I surprisingly like this primer, I find it absorbs quickly and leaves your eye lids feeling slightly tacky ready for your eyeshadow base. Next up is the Urban Decay Primer Potion – a lot of people rave about this product and I just don’t see it. I have insanely watery eyes (not helped by hay fever this year which seems insane in London!) and I find that the shadows still rub away from my inside of my eye when wearing this primer. Very disappointing given around a £10 price difference between the two products.

Now for the face – I have several options that I use for different reasons – so from left to right….

Too Faced – Hangover Revitalising Face Primer

I reach for this primer if my skin is feeling really dehydrated and like it needs a big old drink. With coconut water and probiotic based ingredients this primer instantly feels refreshing to apply and makes your skin look a little perkier. I am not sure how much it improves the lasting power of your foundation, but it does apply like a dream.

Benefit – Pore-fessional – Matte Rescue

This is very different from the Too Faced primer and is for when I want a little bit more of a matte finish to the skin while blurring out my pores. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t overly mattifying, it just dulls down shine to give your skin a nice satin finish. It is a gel texture so again is a nice and refreshing primer to apply, it does take a little longer to sink into the skin but I find my makeup applies great afterwards. I will say it didn’t keep my skin matte all day – but it definitely wasn’t as shiny as it would normally be- if you have overly oily skin then I would recommend something a little more heavy duty.

Smashbox – Photo Finish Primer

Now this stuff means business – so much so this was my go to pick for my wedding day when I wanted my face to last all day for photos – and it worked! It does have a silicone feel to it which really helps smooth out your skin, blur your pores and really perfect the finish of your skin. This is the one which I find really extends the wear of base make-up! If you don’t like the feel of silicone products on your skin you might not love it, but trust me – ‘ worth it!

L’Oréal – Lumi Magique Base

If I find my skin is looking a little dull or lacklustre then this is the one I reach for and it’s the cheapest face primer in my collection but it really works. It is a pearly white fluid which goes onto the skin clear and leaves a gorgeous lit from within glow. I also love the packaging – it is so small its great for traveling!

Pixi – Make-up Fixing Spray

This is one of my newest discoveries which I have a bit of a love hate relationship with. It contains Rose Water and Green Tea so is super refreshing to spray both before and after make-up. Again I am not sure this extends my makeup but it gives that extra boost of hydration before applying my base which helps it glide on much smoother. The only thing about this product I struggle with is the spray – if you don’t hold it really far back from your face the spray is chunky and you end up drenched! Not bad pre-make-up when you can let it absorb but after make-up I found I ended up with mascara all down my cheeks!!!

So that is my current primer stash – I have to admit it used to be a step I wasn’t that convinced by but now I find it an essential part of my routine which can make the difference to the overall look. Do you have any primers that I am missing from my collection?

Until next time x


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