Kylie Lip Kit – First Impressions & Review – Is it worth the hype?

So, I gave into the hype and found myself online at midnight for one of the Kylie restocks and ended up ordering 3 of her lip kits in Candy K, Exposed and Posey K. This post is a little bit about the ordering process, some customer service hiccups, delivery and then the products themselves – I plan to be quite in depth so you might want to grab a snack…and a wine….

Okay – welcome back –  So let me start with the ordering process – I have to admit I didn’t have any problems ordering mine, I didn’t find the website crashed or things were taken out of my cart as I’ve heard from other reviews online. You are required to create a profile before you are able to complete your order, which takes a while (especially if you want to get your order posted to somewhere that wasn’t your billing address) so if I had a piece of advice it would be to create your profile before you want to go on and order anything – that way it will be a lot quicker when you come to place your order.

So my order was placed and around 2 weeks later I received a shipping confirmation – now I had chosen to get the package delivered to my work in central London so I could guarantee someone would be around to accept the delivery. So around 2 weeks after (we are now talking a month after ordering) I had an email saying my package had been successfully delivered – but yet there was no package or even card left at my work place to be found. I emailed the customer services department and after 4 days I had an email to say that sometimes the tracking isn’t accurate (really helpful!) and to leave it another couple of days. To be on the safe side I left it another 5 days before emailing back and saying I still haven’t received my kits. I was then told to speak to my delivery man (because we are all on first name basis with the USP guy!?) and my local post office. I tried to contact both but sure enough, they couldn’t give me an answer. So I emailed AGAIN and by now I was fed up being over £100 out of pocket with nothing to show for it so I asked for a refund. A week went past and I received an email saying they were going to send a complimentary package out to me and to give them a different address. So after giving them my home address, sure enough around 3 weeks later I had a card through my letter box. By this point it had been over 2 and a half months and now I was hit by a £21.20 customers charge! Ugh! It was a risk ordering from the USA, but it felt a little bit like a slap in the face after having to wait so long for them to turn up.

Anyway – after paying I finally had them in my mitts – first thing I noticed is the packaging had changed from all the review videos I had seen on YouTube, I then read this is because people were stealing them due to the now recognizable drip packaging – insane! I got the little card in the pack and it was well packaged with foam to keep everything in good condition.

So now, finally on to the products themselves. You receive a liner and liquid lipstick in each colour – the packaging of the lipstick is nice and weighty and looks luxurious. The lip liners lid annoys me a lot – I found after using them once the top pops off really easily and ended up making a real mess in one of my handbags.

Despite the lid issues I really love the lip liner, the formula is super soft and creamy and goes on like a dream. Don’t get me wrong I am not sure how essential these are in making the liquid lip last longer but feel very luxurious. It is also worth noting that you can sharpen these – it looks like you can’t but I promise you can!

Now onto the liquid lipstick themselves – I got Candy K – a pinky brown nude, Exposed a true nude with an orangey undertone and Posie K a lovely rosy purpley pink – see swatches below.


As far as the formula goes it is very liquidly but dries super matte on the lips after around 30 seconds and after this they are super comfortable, it is like nothing is on your lips at all – I did find them to dry a little darker than they look swatched and on the box. I did a try test on them – and I was impressed! I applied around 8am and didn’t have to top up till 2pm that afternoon after eating lunch and drinking several coffees – pretty good going! I will say when reapplying you should try and take the top remaining layer off your lips – I found reapplying directly on top made it a little flakey and not as comfortable.

There is one factor I really don’t love – and that’s the smell. These smell ridiculously sweet like cake on a sugar high, honestly it’s the sickliest smell I’ve come across in a long time! Why on earth does every brand go for that sweet lip smell – what about a lovely fresh fruity smell!!! Saying that, the smell doesn’t fade after it dries so it doesn’t bother you after the initial application!


So would I recommend the Kylie Lip Kits – I personally got on really well with them but for $29 each (Around £22) and then potentially an additional £20 in customs it works out to be around £80 for 3 liquid lipsticks – and that doesn’t include the shipping charges – which is pretty pricey!

Phew – that was a long one but I wanted to share truthfully my experience – What has your experience been with the Kylie Cosmetics range?

Until next time xxx



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